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Rockbet Casino - Does not pay 25€ confirmation deposit back

Posted on January 28, 2015.

I did get the 100€ from a freechip and i did accept the 10€ fee, resulting in a total of 90€

No problem, so far its all within the terms.

However i was required by chat support to do a 25 Eur deposit in order to confirm a withdraw via skill, this was told to me by their chat support.

Even after several emails, the casino failed to give me my 25 eur confirmication deposit back, either addet to my total funds which would make it 115€ with their fee or send my cash invidually to my skrill account. And made lame excuses to scam me about that amount.

Must be totally an casino issue as i know their processor and the processor Sea Peak Holdings N.V, usually always adds the confirmication deposit of 25 eur to the freechip total. I won once 44€ from a freechip and got 69€ on skrill after sending 25€ to confirm my deposit.

I did read carefully the casinos terms and nowhere i can read they can just keep the confirmication deposit.

The 25€ simply were stolen, its not on my account or anywhere.

Today they send me an email, acting as this was a FIRST deposit...while it was not. It was confirmication for skrill. This is my money, my cash and its not game money or a first deposit its for confirmication, i think online casinos no very well what it means. Why the hoax? Does this casino really think they are right and all other online casinos that use their processor for payouts are wrong?

I first thought they charge me a 35€ fee for paying out via an e-wallte what seemed ridiculous, instead they just have stolen my 25€ confirm deposit for skrill this never happened with any other casino with Sea Peak Holdings N.V.

I added some picture sand the email conversation below.



The first deposit is not done just so you can turn around and withdraw the money.
That would be foolish on our behalf. The deposit cannot be added to your free chip withdrawal request.

Again, the maximum withdrawal from a free chip is limited to 100.

Rockbet Casino

On 19/01/2015 12:42, darkenigma wrote:

Hello Rockbet Casino

You seem to missunderstand the situation.

I did get the 90 eur and i accept the 10 eur fee. No problem with that.

But i did made a 25 Eur deposit in order to withdraw via skill, this was told to me by your chat support.

The casino failed to give me my 25 eur confirmication deposit back.

The total withdraw amount was 125 Eur, i was able to withdraw with the free chip 100 Eur + my deposit, the withdraw in the software showed 125 Eur was withdrawable, what is the correct amount.

But the casino or payout processor incorrectly kept my 25 deposit, the payout in skrill it was just 90 without my confirmication deposit.(non play money) and with fee its 115 eur.

I only got 90 eur.

So please send to skrill my skrill confirmication deposit of 25 eur, cause i just got 90. What makes it 65 Eur in total.

Please note this is not my first expierence with this payout processor Sea Peak Holdings N.V, they paid me my withdrawable funds and added my 25 deposit when they paid via skrill, this is the first time they did not send me my confirmication deposit back. I checked skrill again and the 25 Eur are still missing, they also disappeared as withdrawed funds in the casino software.

Please inform your payout processor about this mistake.



----- Original Message -----
From: support
To: darkenigma
Sent: Monday, January 19, 2015 8:35 AM
Subject: Re: Incorrect payout funds


Thanks for your email. Glad you got the money.
Since your balance was derived from a free $33 chip, the max you can withdraw per our terms and condition is $100.
We do charge a $10 service fee to process the withdrawal via Skrill. This too is mentioned in our terms.

Sorry for any misunderstanding that may have occurred.

Best of luck.

Rockbet Casino

On 14/01/2015 21:53, darkenigma wrote:


I received payment, unfortunately, its not the correct amount, i got 90 Euro.

But i did withdraw 124 Euro, i won 99€ and did deposit 25€.

Now i am fully aware of the term when it comes to withdraws.

"4.4. All withdrawals (Wire, Netteller, Direct-to-Card etc) are subject to a $10-$40 transfer fee. Fees are based on location and are determined by our payment processor."

So i got charged the full 40$ fee what is in no way justified for 3 good reasons:

1. e-wallets as skrill and neteller always have the lowest possible fee its custom for all online casinos, it can't be the max fee and certainly not 40$ thats the highest fee ever, even if i would withdraw with bank wire this is too high.

2. I live in in austria, europe not far from the netherlands and next to germany you got your licence there(netherlands). I do not know of any special fees there nor its far from the netherlands.

3. I got my funds from Sea Peak Holdings N.V, they paid me once 44€, the casino was Davinci's Loot. How come they do not charge me a fee at all and rockbet charges the highest possible amount even after they took the max time to pay out?

This does not make the best impression to that casino, as i got never a problem with my payments until now.

I hope this gets resolved quickly.



Posted on January 22, 2015.

Hi there,

After checking out your claim, we will be sending the 25 to you via skrill within a few days. We have already sent the request.

Kind Regards,

Casino Support

Posted on January 26, 2015.

Player can expect this payment today.

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