Casino Del Rio - Having hard time with my account's verification

JESS1984 United Kingdom
posted on November 7, 2014.


this is more of an unusual complaint in the fact that casino del rio are not receiving my notarised ID or are choosing to say it is not there when it has been delivered !!! I have been trying to send them ID which has gone on for nearly 6 months now and this is the the third time they are saying they have not received this..I firstly sent the parcel signed for and it didnt get there, secondly I sent it global express and paid 62gbp for the pleasure and it got returned as the address did not state the casino name on it (as I was told NOT to state this when sending) so now a third time and over 200gbp down I have had confirmation that this was signed for by W.CASINO on 27/10/14 at 18.10pm obviously by winner casino who now owns casino del rio due to the new uk legislation.

Del Rio/Winner still claim yesterday that after it being signed for in there offices nearly TWO WEEKS ago have still not received the items ???

I am growing increasingly frustrated with this casinos behaviour as I am at a loss what I can do when I have proof it has been signed for by the casino and they point blank refuse to admit they have it ??? please help me ask gamblers.

I have attached proof of delivery as well.