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Quatro Casino - Cashout refused

Complaint Info
Disputed casino Quatro Casino
Reason Declined payment
Amount $ 100
Posted on June 4, 2014

Hi, i made deposit 1usd to get bonus, i playthru the bonus and made cashout, and they just close my account and dont want to re-open it and send me a cashout, but when i ask in chat before cashout they say that i will get it latest on 28th of may. here is our chat----->

[6:34:51 AM] Visitor: hi i have made cashout
[6:35:06 AM] Visitor: should i send some docs>°?
[6:35:30 AM] Olya: What was the amount of your withdrawal?
[6:37:13 AM] Visitor: 100
[6:37:34 AM] Olya: Please hold for a moment while I check the details in your account.
[6:45:38 AM] Olya: What method did you use to make your withdrawal?
[6:45:58 AM] Visitor: neteller?
[6:46:39 AM] Olya: Thank you.
[6:46:49 AM] Olya: Have you just made your withdrawal?
[6:49:49 AM] Visitor: yes
[6:50:51 AM] Olya: Sorry, it took me awhile to find it. Because you have just requested it it did not show in the system.
[6:51:01 AM] Olya: I can not see any problem with your withdrawal.
[6:51:36 AM] Olya: There is a 48 hour pending period before your funds are send to Neteller
[6:51:41 AM] Visitor: when will i get it
[6:52:00 AM] Olya: and then its just one more business day before you receive your funds
[6:52:21 AM] Visitor: °no docs requered?
[6:52:42 AM] Olya: I would say the latest would be Wednesday next week the 28th
[6:53:17 AM] Visitor: ok
[6:53:29 AM] Visitor: can u send this chat to my email?
[6:54:32 AM] Olya: Let me check with my supervisor. One moment please

Posted on June 4, 2014

Support is unable to do any risk management checks on the account. All accounts are checked with risk management before withdrawal requests are processed. This is why there is a small delay between when you request the withdrawal to when it is processed.

The following email was sent to the player on 27/05 after he requested to know the reason his account was closed:

Our systems have detected that multiple Casino accounts have been created using your PC, email address or personal details.
The Casinos terms and conditions do not permit more than one real account per household, personal computer or e-mail address. This is necessary in order to reduce the casino's exposure to online losses.
As such, the winnings have been voided and confiscated.
Kind regards,
Risk Management
Casino Rewards

The player replied that it was their first account at Quatro Casino. He received the following reply from RM:


We can clearly see numerous linked accounts at our casinos, including Quatro Casino. Due to this promotional abuse, the winnings are void and this decision is final.

Thank you and kind regards,

Casino Risk Management

The player was also told they cannot prove they only have one account as there is contrary evidence that their account is linked to a Quatro account that has previously claimed the bonus. The player was also given the name in which the other account was registered in.

The player proceeded to use foul language towards our live chat agents.

I will send the evidence over to ask gamblers support.

Posted on June 4, 2014

i ask to tell me other account names on casino, they reply this

Hello Andris,

I can confirm the previous account is registered under the name "Daniels Maletins".

Thank you and kind regards,

Casino Risk Management

there is no relation between me and daniels maletins

Posted on June 4, 2014

We got a proof of the casino that this submitter have a multiple account. So we consider this complaint closed.

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