Can't seem to get my winnings from Loco Panda Casino

posted on September 1, 2012.

I won after a no deposit bonus i had like 600 but was told could cash out maximum of 100 after i depsoitited once . so ok, I deposited then sent pictures of me with information sent to faxback. I was talking in the chat with a lady who mislead me because after i depsoited with a gift card i had in the amount of $25, she then told me i would have to cash out and email finance department , which i did .i dont have a bank account for wire transfer so i got a grant card for the college i go to and it says i can recieve wire transfers its from Higherone North Orange County Card mastercard if that makes a difference i'm not sure. But if i can't get the money i won i would atleast want a refund for the gift card of 25, would help out alot since there is a lot of school expenses, please help for some reason they said my routing number was a diffferent bank the one for wire transfers was Urban Trust Bank but on my card it says its owned by Bancorp bank .