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Tipbet Casino - Bonus wagering not calculated correctly

noite2 Finland
posted on December 1, 2017.

Hi, so i made deposit to Tipbet 28/11/2017. I made deposit of 10€ and got 100% bonus. It carried 50xd + 50xb wagering. so 1000€ total. I started to play slots, as the bonus were for slot's. I played over a day with bet's amount of 1,20-1,60€ mostly. (2€ were max bet so i stayed between 1-1,80€). After a while i went to check my wagering since i new i had wagered hunderd's, and noticed that my wagering was progressed only 40,40€. Then i check my gameplay history, where i can see all my bet's, and i saw that the bet's were all accepted towards wagering, so i wondered why they are not calculated in the wagering? I went to chat and they had hard time to understand my problem, and then they said they will contact later. It's been over 2 days and i have not gotten answer what's up. I have calculated my all bet's and i have reached my wagering by terms a long time ago. So i think i have wagered the bonus 2 time's all over again and again already. I wish to get my wagering removed since my bet's are accepted and i have finished it.
But they are not co-operation with my at all.

I have screenshot of all my bet's, in case needed and casino does not provide them fully. There are 1566 records on my bet history towards this bonus. Mostly valued 1,20-1,60€.

Hope to get this resolved in decent time frame.

xo Johanna

posted on December 4, 2017.

Dear Noite2,
sorry for the issues you have had however we do not see any problem with your account. You have wagered and rewarded 108 eur but since you have not co-operated for the KYC documents and closed your account by your own wish.

How can we help?

noite2 Finland
posted on December 4, 2017.

Hi, my issue was never solved! 7days and you never fixed it or contacted me. I succesfully verified my account so the KYC was done and fine. I contacted you 7 days ago because my wagering in slots were progressin 10% / spin. When i made bet of 1,50€ it was accepted towards wagering but it only wagered 0,15€/ spin. I asked this issue many times in chat and also email. So you know what issue was and that you never solved it. I have emails and chat saved by screenshot. Since you never solved the issue, i started wagering even though my wagering was not progressing as it should have. I had 1000€ to wager, and after bonus wagering was completed my whole wager amount was 10 000€! You had issue that u never solved, luckily i got 100€ withdrawal made after this horrible experience and i also closed my account yesterday so i wont ever deposit at your casino. I also sended AG yesteday to remove this complaint since i closed my account, but they yet published this.

You never solved the issue, that your 3 chat agents sended to relevant department, and now u act like i never had issue? Yeah, and the pigs fly..

Now u can leave me alone, i got my money 10x back from u so it was great situation to close account and never have to deal with u again. Goodbye.

noite2 Finland
posted on December 4, 2017.

The issue were never solved, and i hope all the players will check their wagering progress carefully so they wont have to wager more than terms state!

This case can be closed.

posted on December 4, 2017.

Based on submitter's last post AskGamblers Complaints Team consider this case as Resolved and it is officially closed now.

Thank you all for your cooperation.

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