Betsafe Casino Block My Account After Loosing $24K

posted on May 22, 2014.

I have been waiting 2 months now for another forum (casinomeister) to try to solve my issue with betsafe but instead of try to help me they have stamped me with "problem gambler"

I had deposit limit on betsafe for 150$ and I have been loyal to betsson group long time, one day for 2 months ago I had extremely bad luck on their slot, every bonus paid 1-5x till I had lost 60.000kr (10.000$) I said enough is enough and stopped, I went to chat and talked to them (I have screenshot) the casino manager said they going to credit me good will bonus for my extremely low RTP. Few hours later I couldn't belief my bad luck so I logged in again and played and it was same, it was absolutely crazy bad and it didn't matter what game I played on their slot.

End of the day I lost 140.000kr and again spoke to chat regarding my bad payout and he assured I would get good cashback/bonus.

next day I log in I can't access my account and they had blocked my account, betsafe says they think I have gambling problem and they have blocked my account, and keep all reaming balance and loyalty on ALL betsson group, such as nordicbet, betsson, betsafe and casinoeuro.

Note that I have confirmation email and screenshot) that they said some cashback regarding my huge loss and they lie about this later.

Note if I didn't complain to a forum they wouldn't even respond to me as I waited 7 days to submit, I feel very very distraught by betsafe and their group.

posted on April 23, 2015.

This case has been reopened upon Betsafe Casino request and we would like to give it one more chance for a successful resolution.

posted on April 23, 2015.

So.. what is going to happend now?

posted on April 23, 2015.

The account involved was closed based on responsible gaming. Our responsible gaming department advised to close the account due to addictive gambling issues.

posted on April 27, 2015.

Dear @reza57, please submit all available evidence and/or emails exchanged between you and casino management which concern this case.

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