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Betfinal Casino - Delayed withdrawal and suspended account, no further info

Complaint Info
Disputed casino Betfinal Casino
Reason Delayed payment
Amount kr 27259
Posted on October 10, 2018


I have been a customer of Betfinal since February 2017. My account was fully verified shortly after opening the account, and I have made some deposits and withdrawals during the 1,5 years I've played at Betfinal. Up until now always I have always been happy with the experience at Betfinal.

On August 18th 2018, I was invited to Betfinal Ultras, a "VIP club" promising quicker withdrawals, higher limits and some exclusive bonuses. I took up the offer of a Ultra reload bonus and played through the required roll over amount. After clearing that bonus, I made a few more deposits for other promotions they had running at the time.

On August 28th 2018 I submitted a withdrawal of 27259 SEK (apx €2600).

On August 31st 2018 I tried to log in to my account to check on the progress of the withdrawal, but was not able to log in. Instead I was met with a popup informing me: "Access denied. For more information, please contact Customer Support"

I asked them what this was about and received an answer on September 1st 2018:

"Dear xxx,

We have now investigated your account and withdrawal, and we have decided to temporarily close your account for futher investigation due to breach of our terms and conditions.

We will notify you by email as soon as we have reached our decision.

Kindest regards,

The Betfinal Fraud Team"

Then another mail on September 7th, 2018:

"We are still investigating your account, and your account will stay temporarily closed for further investigation until we have reached our decision.

We will notify you by email as soon as we have any more information.

Have a great day."

Since then I have not heard anything back from Betfinal, even though I have sent them several emails during the last month asking for clarification and updates on my case.

Asking for your assistance on this case,
Thanks in advance.

Posted on October 11, 2018

Hi, I received an email from Betfinal today:

"Dear ,

Due to recent activity in connection to your account at, we regret to inform you that your account will remain closed.

If you want to dispute your case please get in contact with our legal team at [email protected] and they will respond to your questions regarding our decision.

Best regards,
Betfinal Legal team"

I have still not received any explanation for why my account has been closed. My account has been locked for over 1 month, so any "recent activity" linked to my account must be unrelated to any actions performed on the Betfinal site.

Asking for your advice.

Posted on October 12, 2018


Our fraud prevention team has found solid evidence of your abuse of our Sportsbook. You have alongside a syndicate of players played against our Sportsbook and we have therefore suspended involved accounts. We will not share any evidence of this behaviour on this forum in order to not share this knowledge with further players. We will however provide such evidence to Askgamblers in private.

Rest assured, that this kind of fraudulent behaviour is a serious breach of our terms & conditions and we do not exclude further action in this case.

Kindest Regards,


Posted on October 12, 2018


I do not belong to a syndicate and have always adhered to your terms & conditions. I take these false accusations seriously.

You are mistaken regarding any evidence you think you have. I do not understand why you can’t share it and what kind of knowledge you are referring to?

Askgamblers, can you please advice? I have been met with silence from Betfinal for over a month and now I am being falsely accused of breaching terms.

Posted on October 15, 2018

AskGamblers Complaints Team is awaiting Betfinal Casino team to provide the required information.

Posted on October 16, 2018

Dear AskGamblers, dear JBECKMAN,

We have now provided the evidence to AskGamblers in private. We refer to the following Part of our Terms & Conditions.

3.10 reserves the right to void any or all bets made by any person or group of persons acting in an attempt to defraud us. If there is evidence of a series of bets, each containing the same selection having been placed by or for the same individual or syndicate of individuals, reserves the right to make such bets void and suspend relevant accounts. This rule applies to both settled and unsettled bets.

Kindest Regards,


Posted on October 16, 2018

Hi Betfinal,

Not two months ago you, using your own words, hand picked me to be part of your Ultras VIP team. I took you up on your offers and played through the required wagering according to T&C's. Since my account has been locked for 1,5 months, I can't log in to verify it on your end, but I believe I deposited 8000kr after being invited to the Ultras club. Money that you have now confiscated together with my winnings from it.

Imagine the surprise for a hand picked VIP to be locked out from Betfinal only two weeks after receiving exclusive marketing offers.

Instead, you turn the tables and accuse me of fraud. If there were any truth behind your accusations of me playing in a syndicate, I would back down. This is not the case. Your allegations are incorrect.

Since you have refused to share any details with me, I can only speculate what you will be referring to in your communication with AskGamblers. Surely your boosted "Mega" odds campaigns that you have been running during the summer and early fall would have attracted a lot of players playing on the same selections, but I am sure a serious and sincere gambling site like Betfinal would already have calculated this?

I hope all of this will be made clear through this complaint.


Posted on October 17, 2018

AskGamblers Complaints Team has been provided with evidence from the casino management where it became clear that this case is referring to Sports Betting and has nothing to do with casino related matters.

As per the AskGamblers Casino Complaints Service Guidelines https:­//w­ww.a­sk­gam­ble­rs.c­om­/co­mpl­ain­t-g­uid­elines we are dealing only with casino related complaints and therefore, this case is being rejected. Further assistance on this matter could be requested from the relevant regulatory body.

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