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Bet365 Casino closed my account and not willing to return my deposit.

Complaint Info
Disputed casino Bet365 Casino
Reason Other
Amount kr 4500
Posted on March 5, 2015


One day i was watching the television where the bet365 ad suddenly popped up and gave me the urge to try my luck and of course i didnt know that problems waiting ahead.

I as a player have a lot of experience and have gambled in many casinos where i every now and then selfexlude myself after steaming from big loss. So as a tumb rule i always start with a chat where i need to know if i ever have open and account there, just to be 100% sure because i know in a legal statement that the player self is responsible to not open multible accounts and also will never get paid any winnings.

I talked with a really nice customer operator named Marius and he could confirm after getting my NAME, BIRTHDATE, NEW EMAIL AND OLD that i have never opened an account and i could go ahead and enjoy the games. I have transcript of everything.

After making some deposits of a total of 4900kr and playing a while in the live sport i hit the wall after a big lose and got really mad and wanted to selfexlude my account for a short period in order to collect myself.

And now the problem begins. When i wanted to selfexlude myself it was as christoffer a new customeroperator had got new information that i have opened an account earlier and after bombarding me with questions he finds out that i had and account there 8 years ago and he closed my account leaving me extremely aggitated since i chat with Marius before i opened an account.

My complaint:
This so called top ranked casino named bet365 has in this case deliberatly tricked me into open and account. In my opionion this is nothing fancier then fraud and theft because they wont refund my inicial deposit.

1. I understand that every player is responsible to act accordingly to the rules when selfexluded which i did chatting with livechat before i opened and account.

2. Your own customer rep comfirmed that i have never opened an account even after getting MY NAME AND BIRTHDATE.

Bet365 tricks old selfexluded players to reopen a new account because every inicial deposit and winnings will get voided. WIN WIN!
This is CYNICAL marketing and i feel extremely hijacked.

Bet365 keep stating a rule that its the players responsibilty to not open mutiple accounts and they have no responsibility to returning inicial lost deposit.

I get that!
But I mean what more could i do to actualy find out about that information. YOUR OWN CUSTOMER REP GAVE ME THE GREEN LIGHT BEFORE I OPENED AN ACCOUNT!!!! I mean do you guys use software from the 80s, that would surely give him som information.

I feel tricked by this so called giant of a company in this casino industry.

This is nothing but a sad story of bad customer reps with poor handling and on top that you guys blame the customer, SHAME ON BET365!

Posted on February 21, 2015

Because of strict in-house rules of the casino; they can't comment or post a reply here. But they contact us by email, and let us know that they are investigating this issue.

Posted on February 25, 2015

Can you please send your chat transcript with a casino to this email: suppor­[email protected]­ksg­amb­ler­

Posted on February 26, 2015


I have now forwarded the transcript with mail. Thank you.

Posted on February 26, 2015

Upon player's consent we are attaching a chat transcript with a casino representative.

Posted on March 5, 2015

Beside on our correspondence with a casino, casino and the player can't make an agreement. We consider this complaint unresolved. Also we recommend to the player to seek further help with Gibraltar gambling commission.

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