bet-at-home - Absurd roulette odds?!

posted on April 7, 2014.

I played on bet-at-home casino for less than a month. The first 15 days were perfect, I was satisfied, got some winnings, rolled my bonus over and everything was going well. By that time I already made few small withdrawals.

In the last couple of days, very strange things were happening, as I lost more than 600€.

In the first ten days, most black/red, even/odd, or low/high in a row was 7, which is ok. Later it became to rose, so I was seeing 10-11-12 in a row more and more often. I read online that 10-11 in a row happens from time to time, so I wasn't suspicious.

I was playing less that an hour a day, so not that I've pushed the system to its limits.

In the last 7 days, I've lost over 600€.

I think the game is manipulated.

On April 2nd, I lost 500€ when 13 odds came in a row (I have a picture proof). Later that evening I lost again (about 150€) because there were 15 high in a row (I have a picture that proves there were 14 in a row - the history shows just the last 14). Today, I lost again (60€) with 13 reds in a row (picture proof existing). A day or two before I lost 500€, I had a strange situation where, luckily, I didn't lost my money, but 15 rounds there was no red color ( with a zero in between 15 blacks).

After today I really believe bet at home is manipulating the game. I understand 13, 14 or even 15 in a row can happen and that this is peculiar but plausible. But I really do not understand that it can happen 3 times in the last 3 days of play.

I doubt my money will ever be returned, but I really want to share my experience so others don't fall in the trap of game interference.


Picture 1. - 13 reds in a row (http:­//p­oki­t.o­rg/­get­/?4­c29­345­4b1­432­994­36d­2d1­fe5­d13­c15­4.jpg)

Picture 2. - 14 high in a row (http:­//p­oki­t.o­rg/­get­/?4­b32­8fa­b4f­c34­bc0­0c9­748­3ca­0f5­20c­1.jpg)

Picture 3. - 13 odds in a row (http:­//p­oki­t.o­rg/­get­/?7­b0a­5dc­38a­a06­0e1­60f­908­941­f8a­244­2.jpg)

Picture 4. - 15 in a row with no red (13 visible) (http:­//p­oki­t.o­rg/­get­/?b­cba­f2c­3e2­5ec­4d4­add­1fe­12d­d63­48e­5.jpg)

Best regards.

posted on April 9, 2014.


thank you very much for sharing your thoughts here.

Kindly note that has no chance to manipulate any parameters within the casino-product, as the software is from an external provider, who is monitored by several gaming authorities.

In order to sort this out, we kindly ask you to address your mentioned questions directly to:

servic­e.e­[email protected]­et-­at-­hom­

our capable service team will answer you immediately and will put light into your questions.

best regards, Affiliates

posted on April 10, 2014.

I contacted the mail you gave me. What can happen next? I really want to investigate this further.

posted on April 11, 2014.


thank you for your feedback. We suggest, please await for feedback from our service team, they will share their insights with you.

best regards, Affiliates!