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Bet365 Casino - Bogus verification process, funds still not paid!

Complaint Info
Disputed casino Bet365 Casino
Reason Verification issues
Amount € 901
Posted on January 15, 2015

I play at Bet365 and win 901 euro. I tried to withdraw the money but they said I need to verify my account first. They send me an email and ask for my ID and a document to show my address to verify me. I send them EXACTLY what they ask... then was I verify? NO... they lied to me! They say I need a "KYC" letter to "Know Your Customer" code that can only be sent to my house! I do not want ANYTHING sent to my house from the casino but I still do this to get my money. I give them the KYC # and they say my account is verified. Then I withdraw the money... but the money STILL does not come. Then after the money does not come for almost 1 week I check again and again on my account and i try to verify my account with the KYC number they sent to my house. Every time I try to verify a big message comes up and says my account is already verified, "No further action required" and the withdraw status says it is in process. So I just keep wait. This is a very big scam. They say you are verify and they say your withdraw is in process but really it is not... they just keep your money! They say you just need to send ID and document and you are verify... but that is not true also... they send a letter to your address! Then they say again you are verify and money is in process but it is not! THEN MONTHS LATER after the money has not come and they have show me I am verified and "NO FURTHER ACTION REQUIRED" then live chat tells me they want more letter and more information for me to send or they will not pay! After months or live chat telling me I am verified and the money will come... the casino site showing in my cashier the money is "in process" and I am verify and "no further action required" they just do not pay and FINALLY change their mind and say I really am not verify! I already verify 3 times!!! Now they say they block me and I need to verify AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted on January 10, 2015

Dear @Philthezuck,
Did you provide all necessary documents to the casino?

Posted on January 12, 2015

yes I did. And they confirmed I did and verified me. Then they said "no further action required" for verify. Then AFTER that they say I need ANOTHER thing. They say I need a "Know Your Customer" number they call "KYC" and they send mail to my house! Then I open the paper letter and there was a "KYC" number. I even give them this number and they verify me AGAIN! They verify with documents they ask... then do not pay... I ask why and they say they want KYC... I give KYC number to them and they say thank you and verify me... then do not pay again... now they say they want more! This is unfair and seem like a big scam to me. They verify me but nevery pay!

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