Bella Vegas Casino - extra withdrawals from my bank account?!

posted on March 17, 2014.

I made deposits to my casino account and they came out of my bank account twice. I was told to send in bank statements, which I sent and was asked to wait for the finance team to investigate. I waited over two weeks the first time, and a week and counting this time. The first time the transactions came out under the same name as the authorized casino deposits, this time they came out on the same day, same amount, but under a different name. Bella Vegas was the ONLY place I used this card at and the extra withdraws from my bank account matched authorized amounts EXACTLY.

posted on March 18, 2014.

Dear weezer1964,

I've just been made aware of your complaint, and when looking into the history thereof, must say straight away that this took longer than necessary. I understand from the finance team that they had trouble in identifying the double debits as certain descriptors did not match, and of course they have to adhere to stringent regulations in a case like this, but I strongly believe in owning up when there was an opportunity to resolve an issue more rapidly.

I'm happy to confirm that the 4 x $50 deposits have been refunded to your bank account. I hope that you accept my sincere apology for the delay in finalising this matter. I've also credited your Bella Vegas account with $200 Bonus Money to make up for the frustration you experienced.

I hope that you can appreciate that this was an unintentional hold-up, and at the same time I want to thank you because I value this kind of feedback as it allows us the opportunity to ensure that it does not happen again.

I'd like to invite you to contact me personally at any time at askadr­ien­[email protected]­gra­ndp­riv­ I will be happy to assist in whichever way I can.



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