Atlantis Gold Casino Mail Promo

posted on December 17, 2013.

This casino seems legit, but it send out letters that you can never use! I recently received a letter in the mail, ( POST ). It was dated only 2 days ago that it passed through to me from distribution center, and I went to claim the code and was told it was expired. Why it was expired so quickly was odd, so I asked for support. I was talking with a rep and he hung up on me when I asked for a managers email address. Very unprofessional! !

I have sent a letter to their marketing division, and I will post the reply. I would say this casino only does what it likes when it likes and does not really care about you unless you are depositing money at the moment. I would say you should skip this casino and go with Microgaming Casinos only. I have deposited to this casino and have never had a good experience I would pass to you.

Not impressed !

posted on August 4, 2015.

Based on evidence that we received from casino management, we could confirm that player claimed three no deposit bonuses in a row. At that time that was a maximum no deposit bonuses that player can redeem between two deposits. We consider this complaint resolved and closed.