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All Slots Casino - Fund Settlements Issue

Complaint Info
Disputed casino All Slots Casino
Reason Double charge/Refund
Amount CHF 500
smoggie Switzerland Message
Posted on March 24, 2019

I used Sofort to make my purchase for credits on the casino. It was a weekend that I made the purchase but on the Monday, funds that were in my bank account, had gone out already for other various bills that were being paid. Unknowingly I did not have the funds necessary at the time, however, a few days later, when I had funds in my bank account, Sofort took out the 2 amounts that I purchased from the previous weekend. both were for around 280 Euros (320 chf).

Now, a short time later, I won with All Slots. It was not a great deal but it was winnings which I was happy with because I don't really have much luck with online casinos. I cashed out and waited for my winnings to hit my Skrill account. When it arrived, I was missing some of my winnings. After contacting chat help with All Slots, they told me that I was settling funds from my winnings because I did not have the funds in my bank account at the time of the purchase, or at the time that they tried to take my money from my bank account. I told them that the money had gone from my bank account from the credit purchase, I even uploaded them my pdf's confirming that the amounts were taken.

This is where it got a little annoying. Each time I was asking chat help what was happening, they told me that they would send my case to Operations Department. I think I have had at least 10 different emails from 10 different people telling me 10 different things. One sent me the dates of the transactions with the amounts including the order id numbers. The Order Id numbers were on my transaction confirmations through my bank which I emailed to them and yet they still are confused as to how to help me. One email from Operations Department told me 'after a thorough review of my account, my case had been resolved due to 'delayed billing', which means absolutely nothing to me.

This had actually already happened once early last year but I just thought that they knew what they were talking about and I never investigated it further.

I was basically being double charged through incompetence and now it seems that these chat help people are just people you can chat to but without actually getting any help. Chat help can't really do anything for you and their responses are quite arrogant. They use a little Jargon which I don't have a clue about, yet they use it like these things are part of the everyday vocabulary for casino users.

I am very disappointed with the service. Chat especially. After receiving the promise of a phone call and them asking me for convenient dates and times three times, still nobody bothers to call.

The games are fun in this Casino, the platform is a little iffy and once verified, you get your winnings in a good time frame, however, if something out of the ordinary happens, be prepared to go bald with Chat Help.

I attached files and highlighted the order id numbers which I was settling funds. The image I attached of the settlement fields, are actually showing less. To date, I have settled 500chf with my winnings PLUS paid from my bank account! The last time I spoke to chat, they told me that I still had an amount which I owe, outstanding. Incredible that they can not see that these amounts have been paid in and yet I owe THEM money. They also asked me to contact Sofort. This is ridiculous and lazy. Why do I have to do everything? All Slots are the service. Chat help are soooo lazy...... and slow to boot.

Posted on March 24, 2019

Dear @smoggie,

Please make sure to update your complaint accordingly and clarify the total amount of the disputed funds.

Thanks for cooperating the AskGamblers Complaints Team.

smoggie Switzerland Message
Posted on March 27, 2019

the disputed funds total to 500 chf. If i play again and win something, more fund settlements will ensue. The attached documents specify the amounts allslotscasino are saying they never received from me/my bank account.

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