Onbling Casino - After Proper Verification, Casino Asking for copy of Passport

queen0feverything United States
posted on January 23, 2015.

I have won several times at this casino. I have found they have very good stall tactics with payments.

A few weeks ago I hit the Major Jackpot on Paydirt while playing with a Casino Bonus. I cashed out the normal maximum "$3,000.00" and was called by The "Pitboss" who told me that I was only entitled to $500 because I was playing with a bonus that they had given me, but he would be nice and credit me $1,000. I asked where the rules on bonuses were posted and he stated that they are in the redeem coupon area. I am still unable to find this information, but felt my hands were tied. The withdrawal for $1,000 was approved on 1/15/2015. Wire transfers usually take 1-2 days from previous experience with this Casino. I emailed them and asked them what the hold up was a few days ago and was told it could take 5-15 days for the wire transfer. I emailed them yesterday and their response today was "the bank is asking for a copy of my passport". My response to them was, what bank? Yours or Mine. Their answer was kindly provide the information so we can complete your wire transfer. I worry about all my information being available to them. Is this a normal request?? I have previously supplied them with all information that they require, why would they need a copy of my passport?
It seems whenever I ask them a question, they always give me half and answer.

queen0feverything United States
posted on January 25, 2015.

I want to make it clear. If the casino really has a $500 cap on winning from comp bonuses, then I guess I have to be accepting of the $1000 payout. (FYI, I hit an 8700 Jackpot and 2 minor jackpots on this day).

What I am questioning that after proper faxback form information provided to the casino and multiple wire-transfer payouts, some to my bank and some using another website, why NOW are they asking for a copy of my passport??? Is that really necessary? Why? and Whose bank is asking???? Simple question, should get a simple answer. Like I said, they have a habit of answering a question, without really answering it. I do have other complaints and I would highly recommend anyone considering to play this casino, to think twice. I was looking at a complaint that someone made about Road House Reels Casino. They not only were kind enough to answer the man's complaint, but they gave him back his winnings. That is the kind of casino that you should consider playing.