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Casino Extra - Not willing to credit a measly 100 dollar bonus!

Complaint Info
Disputed casino Casino Extra
Reason Bonus not given
Amount € 100
Posted on December 5, 2014

I am embarrassed to do this but when I am right I feel cheated.

As I am exluded from almost every casino I have completely not played anywhere.

I get an email this morning that my exclusion at casino extra was over.

I was bored so I said what the heck.... Play some starburst and twin spin to pass the time. Made a comet ely minimal deposit.

Had a prepaid master-card from the old days and had a few hundred left so I deposited.

On the main page, it is as clear as snow....50% reload bonus. Clear as can be.

So I deposited. I went to chat but "not available" so I decided to play and email them hoping the measly 100 would be in the account while I was playing. Wager requirement is not a problem. I wasn't looking to win anyway. I just feltike hearing the sounds. I don't gamble like I used to.

To make a long story short, they gave me nothing and said the the terms of the bonus were clear if I clicked on them. Valid only in November?? Well one problem, I use an iPhone, links don't work the way they do on pc.

Failure to keep their site up to date with bonus information should not be my fault.

If i play, for example at JOHNNYCASINO and I see all kinds of bonus offers that date back to march, isn't that misleading a player?

I was mislead. I don't want the money I lost, I want my 100€ bonus with the usual requirement.

If I was going to obsevily play again, I wouldn't give a sh$t about it. But I feel mislead.

They should update their bonus offers. How can the site say 50% reload bonus, clear, I have a snap shot, and then proceed to say no, it's for November.

They offered my lottery tickets??????? Insulting.

I have the snap shot. You can go see yourself. Click somewhere to see misleading terms about november. I can't see it on iphone flash browser.

Hopefully I will get my bonus. If not, I won't ever ay there again. Not even for 10 dollars.

I deposited in good faith. Just to pass some time. I expect to be respected.

Dear Johnny,

As I informed you all promotions have terms and conditions and the offer you refer to expired. At the moment we cannot offer you an additional bonus but we advice you to keep an eye on the Christmas calendar as more nice reload bonuses will follow during the campaign (all these bonuses are valid for one day).

Dear Johnny,

As you can see on the image you just forwarded to us there is a read more button on all the promotions. As you say you are no rookie you should be aware of the fact that all promotions casino's offer have terms and conditions. If you click on the read more button you can see the terms and conditions of the promotion you are referring to and it clearly states the offer is valid until the 20th of November.

Please feel free to contact the mentioned sites as we have nothing to hide and the terms are clear with all the promotions we offer. As my colleague told you we currently have a Christmas calendar running with a daily offer until the 24th of this month. You can visit the calendar from a computer through this link http:/­/ww­w.c­asi­noe­xtr­a.c­om/­en/­pro­mot­ion­s/x­mas­promo/.


No, I'm really sorry but as I told you before, this offer is no longer available. We are running a different offer each day and this was from a couple days ago. Today we are offering tickets for our amazing Christmas Lottery for every 20 you deposit.

Posted on December 5, 2014

Hi Johnny, my name is Ralf and I'm in charge of aquisition for CasinoExtra. After reading this post, the thread from support and checking our website all I can say is you are absolutely right. No doubt about it.

The promotions page is usually updated every week with new promos but since this month we have a special Christmas calendar, the promo page was supposed to redirect here: http:/­/ww­w.c­asi­noe­xtr­a.c­om/­en/­pro­mot­ion­s/x­mas­promo/ which for some reason it didn't. So the old promotions were still displayed by mistake. Our support staff answered to the best of their knowledge (standard procedure is to go by the T&C) but they should have consulted me or some other manager in charge. We are now updating the promo page so this won't happen to anybody else.

We will credit you your bonus as you are entitled to and we will give you an additional 30 free spins on South Park Reel Chaos (the latest slot by NetEnt). I hope this will make up for the inconvenience and the time you invested in this issue. Your bonus and free spins will be ready by noon CET. Feel free to contact me personally if there is anything else I can do for you.

Posted on December 5, 2014

Update: we have credited you with the 50% reload bonus on your deposit (it's in your account now) and the next time you log in you will find 30 free spins on South Park Reel Chaos as well :)

[email protected]

Posted on December 5, 2014

U know guys, I left you a stellar rating prior to this. I feel bad but I did everything possible to be reasonable via email.

I am happy U saw it my way.

You have an amazing casino. One of the best.

If I was still a compulsive gambler I would not hesitAte to play 100 hours a week.

I will enjoy that 100€ and move on.

Thank you for excellence in service and knowing how to take care of a player.

Other casinos should follow especially the ones that 3 scatters don't trigger a bonus. And they call you a liar. Like!

Breath of fresh air to be respected.

Case closed. Ty ask gamnlers.

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