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QueenVegas Casino - 4.200 € payment seriously delayed

Inactive user
Posted on 19 July 2017

After advertising their fast withdrawals (even in one day), I decided to play here. I achieved 4.200 € and last week I ordered a withdrawal. After thousands of mails requiring from me information already provided another tthousand times, finally it seems that last Thursday everything was ok. Today Tuesday, the withdrawal was not processed. It was available to cancel it. I have cancelled it and I have lost it.
I'm used to have big losses because of delays in withdrawals from scam casinos, but I never expected this behavior from the third Askgamblers certified one. And what happens when T&C are not in line with the adds?

Posted on 19 July 2017


Could you please give me your casino username, so that I can look into your issue? I also sent you a private message yesterday after I read your review but I didn’t hear back from you.

Thank you

Posted on 19 July 2017

Dear QueenVegas Casino,

AskGamblers Complaints Team would like to remind you that player's login details could be found within the notification email sent from our complaints system. However, to avoid losing time we have just sent these manually as a private message.

Posted on 19 July 2017


I investigated this with the department responsible.

You’ve opened an account with us on the 8th and deposited with one credit card. You also sent the documents on the 8th. These documents were verified a few days later when you had a withdrawal request and you were also informed that we still needed further documentation to complete the verification of the account. The documents you provided initially didn’t pass the verification in terms of quality, so you were asked to resend them. In addition you were asked for some other documents (utility bill in your name & address registered in the account + copies of the new card you used on the 10th). You were emailed about it and you also contacted us in chat to ask for further details.

You sent more documents on the 16th July. They were not what we requested (utility bill) but were passed for verification nonetheless. While they were being verified, you played the funds and contacted us complaining about the verification timeframe.

You were never given a confirmation that the documents were approved and you never sent us a utility bill proving your address.

You also contacted us this morning asking for refunds of all deposits and obviously your request was declined. Since you decided to cancel the withdrawal and play all the money, i am afraid that there’s nothing we can do from our side.

Inactive user
Posted on 19 July 2017


Words are blown in the wind, so I will simply attach the mail proofs (Except the automail confirming my withdrawal request, that I think doesn't violate any privacy, I have made all the pictures only visible to AskGamblers and QueenVegas as I do not want to harm any support or vip team member privacy here)
Apart from the facts under discussion between the casino and myself in a paralell disgusting mail loop, that as I explain at the end I want to avoid as much as possible, and that I think is not relevant to AskGamblers and to this complaint, I'm addressing to the timeframes & milestones via email screenshots (hidding my personal details):
1) Jul 11th - A - Makes me VIP (why if I'm not verified I at sudden become VIP -> ???)
2) Jul 11th - B - Informs me that the casino doesn't need any documents from me (it is implicit that have been accepted and verified) and that the payments department is processing my withdrawal
3) & 4) Jul 12th - C - Requests me again ALL the same documents already submitted (I joked with the support team through the chat because was surreal)
5) Jul 12th - But I submitted them again
6) Jul - 13th - I request the famous 4.200 € withdraw
7) Jul - 16th - For "security reasons" -> And as per "D" they defines, to avoid mistakes by only copying and pasting, D requests me my bank details, and input a wrong IBAN in the mail. FYI: That bank data was provided twice by mail, and also WRITTEN in the BANK WITHDRAWAL REQUEST FORMULAIRE available in the web when processing a withdrawal.
8) Jul - 16th - I correct the bank data and go further, I send them a certification of titularity of the account where they can copy and paste
9) Jul - 16th - D - Confirms that has passed the bank details to the payments department so they can proceed
10) Jul - 18th - I cancel the withdrawal and lose verything in the casino (as defined in the topic)

My bigger questions are:

- Why my withdrawal is available to be cancelled on Jul the 18th if it was in the payment department to be processed?
- From Sunday Jul 16th 19:00 PM until Tuesday Jull 18th 3 or 4 AM (when I lost everything) there is one complete labor day, 24 hours. Why the payments department doesn't process the payment that Monday?
- Why in your adds you say you pay in 24 hours when everything is verified?


- I think that I have strongly proved that this statement by QV is not truth: "While they were being verified, you played the funds and contacted us complaining about the verification timeframe. "
- I think I have strongly proved that this statement is not truth as well: "You were never given a confirmation that the documents were approved and you never sent us a utility bill proving your address."
- Regarding the utility bill, I submitted to them the only utility bill I had. As I have explained them my credit card is linked to another country with an unapdated residence and other fixed costs are included in my rental bill. So accordingly I submitted them my rental bill that, as I have enough proven, WAS ACCEPTED.

I do not want to express my feelings and make pre-judgments. I only expose the truth by facts and screenshots. My assumption "scam tactic to retain gambler earnings" is only an assumption, because otherwise I do not find any other sense in this game of mails and documents.

Hopefully we can reach an agreement through here and we can solve the problems here. Believe me that is what I want, avoiding the MGA, courts, etc. I have always really appreciated this web and I have chosen your casino as the third certified one as I really rely on it. Let's try to find a solution throughout here and let's avoid our disgusting exchange of mails. I'm open to listen what you have to say.


PD: Whatever other proof of what I'm stating here can be requested by any of the parts and I will submit it (always I consider it relevant to this discussion)

Posted on 19 July 2017

Hi Evergoa

to make it short here

You have informed us that you are from Spain or living there, used a VPN and a swedish address to play at our site ... this is against our Policy as we are not allowed to take any players residing in Spain .. hence why VPN as we block Players from Spain to enter our Site,

I went through all screenshots you provided .. it has never been confirmed that documents have been approved, it has been said if something is needed we will contact you .. we did not get an utility bill from you. clearly if you have an appartment .. you would need to pay electricity , water or anything else.

We will send to Askgamblers the conversation re Spain and it would be best to stick to Casino who accept Spanish Players to avoid any problems in the future,

Thanks a lot


QueenVegas Team

Posted on 20 July 2017

Dear QueenVegas Casino,

AskGamblers Complaints Team would greatly appreciate if you can explain to us, how come that the player has been promoted to VIP, knowing that he is coming from Spain and was using VPN to play from restricted country?

Inactive user
Posted on 20 July 2017

Well I don't wanted to raise the Spanish VPN pass-through topic here to not harm the casino but they have decided to make it public. So I will, with all respect of course, raise everything accordingly. I think I have acted with enough good faith.

It is not only that I have used a VPN to deposit and gamble from Spain using a Swedish IP. It is also that I'm a self-excluded gambler in my own country with a severe pathologial gambling disorder diagnosed 13 years ago.

Their security meassures have failed to detect a player gambling from another country. As a reminder are this security meassures the ones that they have used to justify the delay on my withdrawals.

Even I have communicated them that I'm a compulsive gambler days ago. My account still remains open. I don't want to test but I'm quite sure I'm able to deposit. And moreover, they are requesting me, to enter in their casino again to self-exculde myself. Surreal.

And sorry to be a little bit rough here, but it is absolutely necessary. It seems that certain people don't understand that in the world exist apartments where everything is included in the rent. Phones can be paid by your company. Debit & credit cards statements can be from other countries. So the utility bill matter, moreover when I have submitted them an invoice of a "rental apartment", with my name and the address of the apartment include in, is totally absurd.

Anyway, I think I have enough proven that my documents were accepted "it has never been confirmed that documents have been approved" Please, review screenshots 1, 2 and the most important -> 9, payment was already to be processed, and the person from QueenVegas still insists that the documents were not verified?

And not ending here then, after a very, very grave case of security and responsible gaming issue, they request AskGamblers to action against Spanish players (or something related as the phrase is still not clear to me)

To be honest I'm shocked.

My intention was to negociate with them the reimbursement of my 4.200 € as it has been enough proven that was a mistake by their systems the delay of withdrawal (that is very linked with responsible gaming and how to make someone lose his money, over the limit), and I was goingt o afford the additional loss of 2.000 € I have also deposited there, as I'm sick, and I need to pay for my acts, even I'm not self-conscient about them. But I'm under-therapy and it is something that we are requested to do. Be responsible of our acts.

What I do not accept is this tactic, retaining my money. This has not been my sickness. This has been a casino failure (I prefer to think in failures rather than scam tactics)

Regarding the VPN, it has been my act, but it has been their lack of security the one that have made me the posibility to deposit.


Inactive user
Posted on 20 July 2017

And apologies, but this replye I have given to my review (IN VERY GOOD FAITH GIVEN THE SITUATION), is completely unacceptable as they are using partially the information they want, lying with the utility bill, and hidding information as per they convenience.

I beg AskGamblers to action here if possible. Honestly this is not the kind of senior or segnority a casino manager must show in public, moreover being the third AskGamblers certified casino.



Very good design, a lot of kind of live casino providers, easy interface.
Withdrawals. It is impossible to extract your winnings from this casino. You will always end espending them again until your balance is 0. They will use all the necessary tactics to retain your funds inside and they even won't accomplish with their own T&C and adds regarding withdrawals. Forget this casino if your intention is to have your earnings in your bank account quick.

Hi Evergoa

thanks for your view of the situation .. May I can add few more infos please ?

What really happened is that Support has been asking you for the utility bill .. which you did not provide ... reason which is you have told us !

You have been playing from Spain using a VPN and a swedish address .. as we dont have any Spanish licence , which you obv knew about, we could have never paid you at anyhow as you broke the rules by trying to play on Queenvegas from a country we do not have a licence for.

I'm sorry but there is nothing we can do here

Posted on 20 July 2017

Re Askgamblers question, becoming a VIP is an automated process
There are no KYC checks at this time .. as mentioned earlier we could not get his utility bill, hence we could not release the money.
At this time due to the action of the player to disguise his place of origin we did not know that he comes from Spain as he used a sophisticated swedish VPN and a swedish address...

Is there anything else we can provide ?

Posted on 20 July 2017

We will also proceed with closing his account of course and ban him from playing as obviously Player is not playing for fun and it seems it causes big problems for him.

Evergoa i would ask you kindly and urge you to keep up with your theraphy and try to stay away from any gambling related websites not only Casinos but everything related, you will not only harm yourself also your family and people around you it is becoming an seriouse issue if you are already going the hard way by trying to outsmart the system due VPN and false addresses

I however wish you all the best and hope that you can get the help you need and overcome this.

Inactive user
Posted on 21 July 2017

Again. Words. Words. Words.

1) I have been able to login into my account right now -> "We will also proceed with closing his account of course"

They use to address me to therapy orgs, wish me the best, get help. (It's 13 years suffering this, right now I'm in one therapy. Still this person insists in discovering me my world (it is only posing to be reflected here)

I turn the page: Please search in internet about "pathological gambling", "compulsive gambling", "impulsive control disorders" and "DSM-V" - Then check how conscientious of what is he doing a sick person is when trying to gamble, and then repeat me this phrase: ""if you are already going the hard way by trying to outsmart the system due VPN and false addresses"

They try to put the fail in me, I'm the criminal, and they have not failed in their controls, they are the victims. Is incredible!

To AskGamblers: It seems they make VIP a person that has not been verified yet.

Still this person insists in that each human being needs to have an utility bill showing his address. If an utility bill to proof the address is so HUGELY relevant to you, why don't you ask for an utility bill proof showing the address before making the deposit?

This person still denies that I was verified despite my bunch of proofs that have no interpretation!!!


Posted on 21 July 2017

You can login ... as explained to you, you would need to close the account by yourself

But you are not able to play for real money and you can't deposit

Inactive user
Posted on 21 July 2017

Still I get messages from them offering me free spins and other stuff. And it is right, I can enter in my profile but I cannot play or deposit. I have tested it. But is quite impressive that I am the one that needs to enter there and click to self-exclude myself and the casino doesn't have the policy of doing it instantaneously by theirselves just one second after they have the knoweledge of the pathological gambling problems. Honestly I have never seen that in any casino. It's totally irresponsible gaming.

To: AskGamblers: As it seems this drives to nowhere. All have been said & proved, what is the next step in this process?

It's useless for both parties to enter here each 90 hrs for the loop not to expire.

Is AskGamblers going to take any action?

Many thanks

Posted on 24 July 2017


please advise

Not sure why it is still open

this was fraud and explained in all details


Inactive user
Posted on 24 July 2017

QueenVegas person,

You have not the Rights and the Powers to judge what is or is not a fraud. You have not the Rights or the Power to require AskGamblers anything. As far as I know you have not been appointed by any court of Justice as Judge. You have acted in all this complaint full of prepotency and bad manners.

I have showed here a thousand proofs that dismantle a lot of statements that you still maintain, while the evidences are sitted right in front of you.

I beg you have more respect to a person who is struggling with a very hard sickness. In your final message you are calling me a criminal who commits frauds and it's not acceptable. You are the third certified AskGamblers casino and you have showed a lack of respect to responsible gambling and to unavoidable proofs that I have never seen in my whole life.

Whatever AskGamblers decide I will accept it and will pass to the next step, if necessary. But what you have showed here is simply....shocking. You leave me without words.....

Posted on 28 July 2017

AskGamblers Complaints Team is awaiting QueenVegas Casino team to provide the required information.

Posted on 31 July 2017

Upon all information provided by the casino management and the player, it is clearly visible that player didn't pass casinos KYC and that player obviously violated casino's terms by using a VPN. Apparently, player somehow forgot to share this crucial piece of information with the AskGamblers Complaints Team, a fact which is considered as a serious violation of AskGamblers Casino Complaints Service /AGCCS/ Terms. 

Based on the above, this case is being rejected and player's further access to AGCCS is being restricted.

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