10Bet Casino Lies and No Payout 2000€

posted on November 28, 2014.


I played at 10Bet, deposit 150+200 no bonus involved, on 20/11 request a withdrawal of 2000€ and send all the required documents to verify account wich was done very fast in the same day, their website says it takes 2/5 days to process the payment, so in 25/11 i went to live support asking for my withdraw because it was still pending, i was told that was going to be done that same day, the true is that later that day my withdrawal was no longer pending so it was processed or so i think.......

Well i wait 2 days and nothing in my bank account, here starts the lies:

Send an email asking About it:


My 10bet account: ******

Im contacting again regarding my withdraw, you have said that it was processed in 25/11, and that i should have receive it by 26/11 well today is 27/11 and there is nothing in My Bank Account from 10Bet, what is going on? where is my withdraw?

Please Reply

Regards "

Receive This Reply wich is a lie:

"Dear Luis,

Please note that sometimes banks take a bit longer to process and
register international transfers.

Your money should be available to you soon.

Please check again with your bank in a couple of days.

Best regards,"

Well this is lie and they know it, i reply:

"Hi again, that is not true, SEPA bank transfers must be credited in 24hrs, all over europe, i DO work in a bank and i know how Wire Transfers work, may i ask why my withdraw was not processed, because if it was like you said it should be in my account by now, and there is no Wire Transfer pending to me in my bank...???

Thank You"

Now they admited they have lied, check the reply;

"Dear Luis,

We apologize as it seems there has been a misunderstanding.

The withdrawal should be paid later today and be available within the
period you specified.

Best regards,

Mark K.
10Bet Customer Service Team

For any further assistance please do not hesitate to contact us."

Last knight i send another email, just to be sure they had process my withdrawal:

I Send This:

Hi Again

My username: luaa82

Just to follow up our morning chat by email, Was my withdrawal processed today like you said?

Thank You"

And Receive this reply:

"Dear Luis,

Your bank transfer is confirmed from our side. You need to wait for it.

Gerry D.
10Bet Customer Service Team

For any further assistance please do not hesitate to contact us.

E-mail: [email protected]

Tel: + 359 (0) 32-502023

Fax: + 44 (0) 8707518588

Ok my bank transfer was made yesterday, well gess what, nothing in my bank account today, once again another LIE, My withdrawal method was Bank Transfer, and according to the law SEPA bank transfers cant take more than 1 Day to be available in the destiny account

There are more lies in their emails but not relevant to this matter, was regarding VIP Status.....

Please beware, 10bet uses lies and delay tactis not to pay players,

I do actually work in a bank and happens to know how bank transfers work, besides that i play at other bookies and anytime i get paid, next day i have the money in my account....

posted on November 28, 2014.

I ask again by email, they say the same thing, the withdrawal was processed yesterday, but nothing in my bank account, I will wait one more day.

posted on November 28, 2014.

Can close the complaint now, i was able to track the bank transfer