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10Bet Casino - Unjustified account closure and confiscation of winnings over £11,000


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elboi22 United Kingdom Message
Posted on January 19, 2017

I have been a member of https:­//w­ww.1­0b­et.c­o.u­k/­casino/ for 5 months and from when I signed up I would always play Starburst slot game as a bit of fun really without putting that much money in and even though I came very close I didn't manage to win.

I was then emailed and re emailed about great bonus offers and how long left I had to use them, the temptation was to much and suddenly at least 3/4 times a month I found myself back playing a few different slot games again with no wins and always feeling guilty about the money I had just wasted especially coming up to Christmas.

Then in December I was sent another email with an offer to play slots, it was like they was reading my mind but I had such bad luck I wasn't sure what to do. I decided to put in another 200 pounds and play a slot called Piggy Riches, this time I was very lucky with some great 5 in a row on the lines!! But little did I know because I took the promotion offered to me that meant I was locked in bonus so had to do loads more spins and my balance was going up and down. Upon checking I could now withdraw my money my balance was 11,500 I was buzzing, delighted and just before xmas so couldn't be happier and I told all my family about my win and what I would get them.

A few days went past still so happy and nothing had hit my bank account so I logged in and see that my withdrawal was still pending, didn't think nothing of it as maybe payments might take 5 working days.

Christmas came and went and I now I was becoming pissed off, so I logged online to the chat facility to be told 10 bet had requested that I send them my passport, bank card front and back and a bank statement or proof of address. Found this email in my junk folder so this calmed me down and was kind of my fault for not checking there.

I then sent all my documents and was emailed back to say they was not clear enough ( which they was you just had to zoom) so I sent them again as larger files that was clearer.

I was then emailed back to take a picture of me holding my ID, well at first I thought this must be a joke and why would they need this but tried to send a selfie best I could.....Again not clear enough....Started to feel like a big wind up now. So AGAIN I sent over a picture of me holding my ID next to my face.

By now it's the well into Jan and over a month since I won so the great felling I had is now more of an uneasy one, and every time I email or call (spoke to Jorge in the help team) I am told my account is under review!!!!

On the 12th of Jan I was sent a very descriptive email of how I have been colluding with other players due to the slot game that I play and the time I played the game!! My heart sunk and the realization that the 11k that I had already spent in my head was gone!! I felt sick and I had told all my family how I would treat them and now how embarrassing to tell them this and how embarrassing to be accused of cheating.

Anger then took over and this is now why I am exploring all avenues to fight to win my money back, I feel so cheated and anyone that can advise me on what to do I will be ever so grateful .I have lost every time on this casino and the time that I win they decide to do this, funny that!!

I don't understand:
How you can collude/ play in tandem on slots? I have lost so many times...How does it help if lots of people play the same game at the same time?
I had my account for over 5 months and why wasn't I flagged up as colluding the first time I played if I am a cheat?
Surely when a casino sends an email promotion out the expect the players to use them roughly at the same time as there is a time frame to use them?

Please help me and If I can be of any warning to anyone thinking about playing 10bet casino then to be very careful as they have no problem with you losing your money but when you win they mess you about and don't pay.

The last email they sent me was to speak to Ibas but I was hoping to get some advice on here first.

I have attached pictures of the emails they have sent me.

I would be very grateful for any advice my email is < email removed >

Elliott < surname removed >

Posted on January 23, 2017

Dear 10Bet Casino,

Please let us know if there's some update regarding this case.

Posted on January 26, 2017

We would like to clarify that the case represents apparent collusion in which the player participated with a group of people utilizing bonus funds in order to generate a risk-free guaranteed profit.

The player was sent a detailed e-mail explaining the situation and the reasons behind the undertaken approach. The decision made by 10Bet rests on very solid ground and is supported by strong evidence.

If the decision of 10Bet does not satisfy the player, he can freely seek advice and assistance from the officially appointed Alternative Dispute Resolution provider of 10Bet or from the European Commission’s Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) Platform. Any raised dispute will be handled by 10Bet promptly as per the relevant procedures and will be backed with evidence that will prove the accuracy and correctness of 10Bet’s decision in this case.

elboi22 United Kingdom Message
Posted on January 27, 2017

Currently in discussions with the Uk Gambling commission regarding 10 bet and Blue Star Planet Limited

I have made them aware of the situation and have found that the license with a UK address was surrendered in 2014


Will follow this up shortly when I know more.