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10Bet Casino cancelled my winnings 535 Euro and refused to send me full game log

Complaint Info
Disputed casino 10Bet Casino
Reason Declined payment
Amount € 25
Posted on November 28, 2014


I played at 10 bet casino and deposit 25 euro and get the bonus. I played most immortal romance with bet 0,60, 0,90 and 1,20. I won and withdraw 535 euro. After this i continu to play with a lillte rest of money i left on my account. Now when the bonus was wagerd i bet little higher 1,50 and 1,80. The casino cancel my winnings and say that i abuse the term when i have played with average of 2 euro. THIS IS A LIE!!! Until I FULLFILLED THE WAGERING THE AVERAGE CANT BE HIGHER THAN 1 EURO. So i asked for data with clock time on every bet. I did not get it, only data for all bets that night. So it dosent proof that i have abuse the terms. They dont answer on mails reagarding clock time and in the chat they say i must send mail. Cant you help with this, if a casino sayt that a player has abuse, they must also proof it????

They also have lied about other things, so help me

Posted on November 23, 2014

Hello Karolina,

Firstly, you breached rule 24 of our casino terms and conditions as stated in the email you received from us. This has nothing to do with your bets after wagering the bonus. This refers to bets higher or equal to 5% of your deposit of 25 EUR placed while wagering the bonus. You completed the wagering at 18/11/2014 23:46 GMT and you have numerous bets of 2 Euro on Blood Suckers for example prior that hour. For more information check the file you received from support with exact time of your bets.

Secondly, I reviewed your correspondence with support and your betting history was never denied to you in fact it was sent to you promptly with time and amounts of your bets. What they didn't send you was the game names attached to those bets. however I have double checked again and you have received also this format today. So you have all your bets with GMT time on file and on which games they were placed. I'd like to repeat again that this was never denied to you, it simply takes more time to obtain it once your account is closed. If you wanted to check your gaming history you could have also done this on your own prior your account closure as this information is available in players' accounts.

Lastly, your deposit was refunded and you were provided the opportunity to reclaim the bonus, withdraw or play without bonus.

I wish you best of luck at the tables.


Posted on November 23, 2014

Finally, can you send out this data with the 2bet on blood suckers?. In the mail correspendce you arite that i have had played with a average bet of 2 euro, how did you calculate this? I have accumelate all bets and divided all bets and get 1,05 of average bet. Im sorry if its true that i played 2 euro bets on blood suckers, but you know that this was not a pattern. Therfore its not serious to cancel the withdraw. This is Scam rules, no serious casino use so low rates. Many players have problems with you and i now reading about a player who got his winning, amout of 11000 euro canceld of strange rules. Its strange that you can be accreditedt by casinomeister and i think soon you will not be.

I also wonder why you use this strange rules?

Posted on November 23, 2014

add, i have now played at leovegas, nordicbet, casinostugan and more casinos. They have max bet of 100 euro and many no maxbet, and yours maxbet was 1,25 euro. This is Scam rules

Posted on November 26, 2014

Of course i close my account permantly. Your business idea is to steal winnings with unserous rules. I see that you have new complain here. She has bet 2 euro on 30- deposit, are you going to steel hers money to? You know that steel very much money from the customers. I will also that you warn all players on your site with bid red letters so they know that you have worsest rules in in the casino word. Now, 8 players had closed their accounts because of the case, im happy for them and that you loose customers. For me you are simply thiefs

Posted on November 27, 2014

Hello Karolina,

as previously mentioned - check your bets and exact timing of them from the game history you received from support. Read the rules before you play and good luck at the tables!


Karolina26 Sweden
Posted on November 27, 2014

I want to know why you are using this extremly rules?

Posted on November 28, 2014

Upon evidence that we received from the casino, player did breach rule 24 of Terms and Conditions. We suggest to the player to read Terms and Conditions in every casino before she start to play.

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