Won 3000 at WinPalace Casino, and have not received all winnings

posted on July 11, 2013.

Hello I recently won 3000 dollars on May 8,2013, while playing at Win Palace Casino. When I won the money I was very excited an called the casino to claim my winnings. The casino reprensentative told me I needed to complete a withdrawal request and send in all the necessary documents, so I could request my payout. I sent in all the necessary information after playing phone tags for about week with WinPalace. I finally received a email from Adrianna on that sunday May 12,2013 to notify me that I needed to send in all of my documents so that my withdrawal could be approved. I informed her that I had already faxed the documents and scanned them as well. So I did this and a week later I was notified that I needed to send in several credit cards that I had used at the casino within the last year, so I did this. Then the next week I received another email from Adrinna that my withdrawal was approve that I needed to send my correct information on my bank like the routing number and account number. Now keep in mind I had to send a voided check with this information on it along with the bank credit card. Once this was sent, I was finally approve for the withdrawal, but before I could receive any money I had to withdraw the 3000 dollars from thenext cashier. I received my first 500, on 6/4/13, then 500, was sent via wire transfer 6/11/13 and then the last 6/19/13. Also when I received the first wire transfer I contacted the casino and reminded them that I requested 3000 dollars, and the casino(Adrinna) told me to read the terms of the aggreement that they only had to send me 500 becuase the status of my playing. Anyway, I have been waiting since 6/20/13, on the rest of my winnings. Whenever I email me Adrianna she will respond about two or three days later to let me know that the matter is being invsestigated and that I should have received the 500 the next week which would have been around 6/26/13, becuase I was told it takes 5 business days for wire transfers. Also you should know that when a wire transfer is complete I receive a statement from my bank the next day, informing me the wire transfer has been completed. It has been three weeks since I received my winnings and I am still waiting on the rest, I have asked the casino to send me a check if they are having problems with the wire transfer, but all they can say is the matter is being investigated. Please help me get this matter resolved, no one should have to wait 2 months to get 3000 dolllars.

posted on July 23, 2013.


The wires were sent via an external company. We are aware of this complaint and it's being investigated. We are waiting for the external company's replay.



posted on July 24, 2013.

I received a wire transfer on July 19, which was for the wire transfer for June 20th, I also received a check in the mail yesterday for 500, I guess this was for the request for end of June. I am still waiting for the last 500 dollars that was approve for July 7, hopefully I will receive this money by today or Thursday. This is a long process and no should have to wait almost 3 months to receive their money. I have played at Bovado and Eldorado, and they send you your money within days and are very helpful and prompt in getting back to you.

posted on February 18, 2014.


Please let me know if this issue was solved. If not, please provide the username so I can check with the casino where we are standing.