WinPalace Casino- stop payment on winnings check

posted on December 6, 2012.

I was playing at WinPalace and won $2500 after reaching the required playthrough. I received the first 2 payments in the 10 day required wait period. Then on the 3rd payment it never arrived. After lots of email, I was told there was a problem with the batch of checks going out on the day. Then 3 days later it was wired to my bank on Nov 7th. The final payment was again timely and received Nov. 16th. Then on Nov 30th, my checking account showed a withdrawal of the $499.99 plus a $25 returned check fee. My bank stated it was a stop payment on the Nov. 7th check. I don't know how a check of 23 days in my account can be returned, but it was. Then the casino prohibited me from cashing in my comp chips and using any bonuses. I have requested information from the finance department, but they refuse to respond. I have no idea what the reason is for the stop payment of check or prohibition of comps and bonuses. Then yesterday I looked at my account and all comp chips were removed. I normally use a credit or debit card for casino deposits so there was no problem with my deposits because they acccept them every time. I have no idea why this happened and no explanation. I believe the casino stole my winnings. I wouldn't play here ever again. I believe they find ways to cheat.

posted on January 23, 2013.

 Received an email stating this issue is resolved, although partially, but required to be closed! Complaint solved!