WinPalace Casino slow paying and failure to give PROMO

posted on September 14, 2012.

On 9/5/12, I won 1600. Got confirmation of approval for wire transfer, at no time once it was confirmed that it was going to be an installment. Was told on 9/5//12, that once my wire transferred was aprroved, I would get my PROMO (which would have been $500 - since that is what I deposited - first day deposit cash back) So today, I contacted customer service spoke with James - frustrated that I got an installment payment and not full transfer. Asked would I still get my promo, he stated it would be up to the manger then stated they would "pamper" me and give it to me. I was not asking for anything that I did not DESERVE to receive. Now it will be anothe month before I get my TOTAL winnings!!!

This is the mail I received from James

Dear Patricia,

Due to a management decision your account has been Excluded from Redeeming Coupons.

Kind regards

James Hunter