WinPalace Casino - Non payment of winnings

jungleland United States
posted on May 7, 2013.

I don't know what happened with WinPalace they used to be a great site.First THEY automatically send you winnings in installments which in the past they never did to me.Then now they are using this Bank and they deduct a fee so you do not get what is due you. Their Finance department is a bunch of puppets I think they have a guide of excuses as to why you don't get paid per THEIR TERMS AND CONDITIONS!!!!Now I will begin on 4/10/13 I received a transfer for $473.73 it should have been for $500.00 WinPalace said and I quote why am I complaining it was from my bank,No my bank only charges $15.00 for a wire transfer.Then the excuse from WinPalace that is a fee their bank charges to wire the funds.I am still waiting for $500.00 transfer from 4/18/13.The excuse this time all transfers on that day had technical problems will receive in 5 business days that was told to me from their Finance department on May 1,2013.(WHAT A BUNCH OF BULL).Now I have another $500.00 withdrawal that was approved on May 1, 2013 and no payment so as of today WinPalace owes me $1,027.00USD.Oh and I still have a $200.00 pending withdrawal because they would not approve $700.00 I requested.It seems like the USA players have the hardest time with collecting funds.Please help and advise thank you.....