WinPalace Casino - is this really happening?

posted on March 22, 2013.

One night i wanted to make a deposit just a small one maybe $25.00 . i gave my info as usual and it came back denied. Said lost check. Your account is closed until we investgate this issue. refuse to chat with me about it, I tried to log on later and it said i am not allowed. a few days later i chatted with someone to say i didnt kinow it when i tried to make a deposit that there was a hold on that account. .But i have another card i wish to use. They said i am not allowed until this investagation was over. What and why a investagation that account has been canceled.? This is strange to me i dont owe them and they dont owe me a dime. I'm really not sure but they may have been the one to put a hothold on my account. . because just so happens That i lost that card on the 17th of march. I think it flew off my car on the highway. So i never reported it as lost that day or even the next which was when i tried to make that deposit. They said card lost. How did they know? so tuesday i went to the bank to winthdrawl the money from that account. I told them i lost my card but i was already opening another account online. And no i didnt want to close that account i didnt think it nessary. The banker checked out actvity on my account and said i see u already put a hot hold on it. Which i didnt but she said no one else could of...Strange i didnt. Anyway what ever i dont understand. but now i go to downkload other casinos to play and i am not allowed to play, i guess. Every one that i tried will let me download but not log on and no chat. they dont tell me i am not allowed. But nothing is happening when i try at any. Do u think this could really be happening or its just me? And if it is happening why? what did i do? I am not going to gamble online there any more but i am kinda cuious as to whats going on. i hope u can understand what i have been trying to say. Maybe some one might know whats going on here. I don't !