WinPalace Casino don't pay my money

posted on March 5, 2012.

I have played for sometimes in WinPalace Casino, I lost about 4000 dollar and I had 500 dollars left to play, now I know the casino is all fraud and I want to take my 500 dollars back, my withdrawal approved on the 23rd but I have not recieved my money yet, they lock my account and they don't have even any reason not to give my money, i saved all the chats with the live chat and they say contacct the finance dep. I have contact them and they don't respond, now I would like to get all the money back since the whole casino seems fraud.

I have deposited about 4000 dollars in this fradulant casino.

The 500 dollars that I want, it is not even a wining is my own. and I have never recieved any bonuses or anything to stop me from withdrawing.

posted on March 8, 2012.


your deposits has been refunded to your account, you will see it within the next 10 business days.



posted on March 13, 2012.

 Any updates from the submitter here?

posted on March 17, 2012.

 Can you update us before closing this complaint as solved?

posted on March 21, 2012.

 Alright. This case is solved!