WinPalace Casino - denied withdrawal request

posted on October 29, 2012.

Originally I had deposited 25.00 into my new account with winpalace and redeemed a coupon code for another 25.00. I lost my first 25.00 but managed to build my redeemed coupon up to 222.00 At this point I decided to withdraw it before I ended up losing it all so I filled out the fax form and sent in all the documentation required. My documentation was approved and I was told my approval would be in roughly ten business days. After seven days I get an e-mail back telling me my request was denied because the management deemed that my manner in playing roulette violated the terms of the contract. I'm just wondering what it was that I did to violate the terms. I play the odds and I play to win and if I start losing I quit and come back later or I play the slots for awhile. I don't imagine I'll ever have my withdrawal approved but I would like to know what I did wrong so I don't do it again.