Winpalace Casino Complaint

posted on June 28, 2011.

I dont know if you can help. I am just so frustrated and angry.

I have played at winpalace for about a month (usually losing, which I expect for the most part). I also was well aware that this casino is slow to pay.

However, I somehow managed to wager the almost $10,000 playthrough bonus requirement and my account showed that I had no wagering requirement left.. I was, therefore able to withdraw, and you can imagine how thrilled I was to be getting $1500.

Today, after waiting for over a week (not too patiently), I received an e-mail from them saying that because I had wagered a small amount on Red-Dog, my withdrawal was voided. I was in absolute shock. I knew that Red-Dog was excluded from counting toward the bonus playthrough, but assumed (as with all the other casinos I have played at) that this small amount would not be applied. No-where on the casino does it stipulate that if I so much as bet 1 cent on a non-bonus game would my entire withdrawal be voided. I even deposited $100 this afternoon and took the bonus just so I could check it out (taking the bonus is the only way to see this).

Of course I fired off a couple of extremely angry e-mails and then telephoned and spoke to a manager. He said that this rule is on their web-site (not on the casino download). Right. So I did then go to their web-site and found it under the small print. Not having this information anywhere on the casino is, to me, absolutely disgraceful. How many other players I wonder just play a few hands of blackjack or something. Deliberate on the part of the casino - I expect so.

Anyhow, I was basically told 'too bad, so sad and have a nice day".

As far as I am concerned, if they do not state this information front and centre when the bonus is granted, then they are withholding information that should most definitely be given to the player then and there - prior to wagering. No-where does it give an icon for terms and conditions; no-where does it state that if you play these others games your withdrawal will be forfeited. Nothing. And I have played for many years at other top line casinos (mostly Fortune Lounge), where I have wagered a little on other games while playing through a bonus, and I have never ever had my withdrawal removed.

Is this worth pursuing? I suspect that I do not stand a chance of receiving this money. The casino has it in tiny print after all, so they have covered themselves. Or have they? Not having this information on their casino software may be a violation. I dont know. And even though they waited a week to inform me, I was not offered even so much as a small bonus to somewhat mitigate the hurt they had just inflicted by taking away $1500 I believed was mine for all this time.

I would most certainly like your opinion on this matter. And I hope that this complaint goes through. I did try to submit earlier, but apparently it was not sent to you.

Thank you in advance.

posted on July 5, 2011.

Hello Crystal,

Regarding wagering on excluded games while during a playthrough of a coupon,

It is clearly indicated at the c ashier screen which games are excluded during the playthrough of any coupon taken. Each coupon has a different set of excluded games and playthrough amount, therefore the player is required to fully understand the terms and conditions of each coupon taken at the time a coupon is redeemed. Wagering any amount on excluded games is in clear violation of a coupon’s terms and conditions, listed on our website under ‘Terms and Conditions – Promotional Terms and Conditions’ numbers 7 & 8 :

7. Players must check the terms and conditions of the coupon code before playing to find out which games are permitted and those which are limited

8. Wagering on restricted games will not count towards the fulfillment of the wagering requirements and will void all winnings won on this promotion.

The rules are outlined very clearly and explicitly regarding wagering any amount on excluded games, such that any amount wagered will VOID any winnings made while on a particular coupon. This information is not hidden and is available at the website and the conditions of any coupon are available at the cashier screen during the playthrough.

The player was informed of wagering on an excluded game and therefore in compliance with the explicitly displayed terms and conditions, the withdrawal request was canceled, the winnings were removed and the player’s original deposit was credited to the player account.


Winpalace Finance Team