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Winner Casino - Unfairly seized £25,700

ironmike60 United Kingdom
posted on May 24, 2016.

On 18/04/2016 Winnercasino ran a super Mondays bonus offer, where they give 3 reloads of max £300 for 70 80 and 90%.
I had only opened my account a couple of days prior and was looking forward to the great bonuses they have, of which I checked the terms thoroughly, which seemed fair at the time. I hoped my luck would be in as I had won the previous day and was going to place some sports bets on too.

The days prior I had been playing on slots but decided to have a go at roulette on the monday as there are some great games on there.

My first 2 offers lost. My 3rd offer of £333 for £300 won about £7500. This was great although I knew I had to wager it. I did this on black jack hoping that I wouldnt bust out.

I ended up not only wagering the full amount but I had actually won about £27000 after wagering. My luck was in or so I thought. I carried on playing slots, black jack, sports and other games where I won and lost. Eventually finishing with £26000.

I tried a £4000 withdrawal as I wanted to keep some with Winner so I could carry on playing. I didnt get any emails or messages whatsoever. After the money didnt land in the bank I checked the account to find the money was gone and all that was left was my original stake. (I assume because it was £294.40. Unsure where they got that figure)

I went straight to livechat where I was told that I had breached the following term:

10. When a player with an active bonus wins more than double the bonus amount on a game of odds 1:6 or higher, the player must keep playing with bets of similar or equal odds until wagering has been completed. Moving from high risk bets to lower risk bets of 1:3 or lower in order to fulfil wagering requirement will result in the bonus and any winnings being removed.

This livechat is captured in the first 3 attached files.

During this chat, I was became aware that term 10. was a different term to when I checked it PRIOR to playing. When I asked for the date these terms became active, I was refused this information.

I have since tried to resolve this issue via email (screen shot below of the reply)
They stated that the terms have never been changed since Winner.UK was launched in 2014 however I know this to be untrue as I have a screen shot of this particular term which does not mention a thing about 1:6 odds etc.

The next 3 links are screenshots of the terms I read and have copies of No.4-14.

The next links are screenshots of Winners current terms No.4 -14

These are clearly different.

To sum up.
Winner have changed their terms post playing and wagering and this is clear evidence of it. That is why they initially refused to give me details of when these terms came into effect.

This is exactly the same as the council changing a speed limit from 40 to 30 and then prosecuting you because you drove down the road at 35 the week before the change.

Its ridiculous and criminal. I would like to get this issue resolved as soon as possible. After reading on this site it appears I am not the only one that fell foul of Winners Monday night offer and change of terms. What a disgusting way to treat a new customer.

I would like a full refund of my £26000 winnings


ironmike60 United Kingdom
posted on May 25, 2016.

As the screenshots havent worked. Please find attachments of the following:
1. and 2.My copy of Winners Terms 4-14

ironmike60 United Kingdom
posted on May 25, 2016.

Please now find the next 3 attachments:
-Winners current Terms 4-14 as lifted from their website
-Email from winner stating they havent changed terms since 2014. (If thats the case they must have had Monday night reloads from day 1, as term 11 covers Monday night reloads.)