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Cool Cat Casino - Still not paid by casino

Complaint Info
Disputed casino Cool Cat Casino
Reason Delayed payment
Inactive user
Posted on May 16, 2014

I won back in July 2010 and they finally approved my cash out on AUG 5th 2010. They then said they would, for sure, process my cash out this past friday AUG 20th and send it to my ewallet account. I just contacted live help and not only does he tell me it should be done "sometime" next week now, he is not even reading my response's back to him. It is like they have a standard templete that they just click and send back as a response, not even reading what I had said as his response does not specifically address what I said in my response. What is really sad to is cool cat's casino will not be honest with you at all, its one lie after lie and they are not people of their word. They will tell you one thing and then just change it the very next time you contact them. I was promised it would indeed be processed this past friday and its not. It is just a click of the keyboard to send it to ewalletxpress and yet it has been sitting at Cool Cat's for the past 15 days doing nothing. In less you have a lot of patience, do not need your winnings for months, do not play at Cool Cat Casino, the casino is nice itself, but the bs you go through to get your money is not worth playing there.

Posted on August 23, 2010

Hi kittyoutlaw1,

We are checking on the status of you payout right away. In the future please feel free to contact me should your payment be delayed.

Kind Regards,


[email protected]

Inactive user
Posted on August 24, 2010

I finally got my cash out sent to ewallet today, then Cool Cat Casino locked me out of their casino because I posted this complaint.

Boy what a favor they did for me!


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