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WinPalace Casino - Shorted me $1400 on a $1900 wire transfer

Complaint Info
Disputed casino WinPalace Casino
Reason Declined payment
Amount $ 1400
Posted on July 16, 2014

9-21-2011 won $1900 submited all of it (wire transfer) and they take there sweet a.. time and only send me $500 and put remainer back in my account what a bunch of sorry low lifes.agent tells me they have a installment pay out system what a crock of s... i need to take it up with finance dept. another ring around the roses takes less than a minute for money to be taken from my account but forever for finance to do a simple wire transfer up to $3000 all i wanted was the $1900 i won and they screwed me by paying out $500 i hope someday they shut this place down.anyone playing online needs to be aware of pop up rules they come up,it makes me sick at my stomach the way they handeled my account

Posted on October 4, 2011

Hello r.fuller,

we received your complaint and we are taking care of it.

will let you know shortly.



Posted on October 4, 2011

hi r.fuller,

just received the Winpalace finance reply,

Full amount will be sent as scheduled next week, Tuesday October 11th.

please inform me if you need further assistance.

best wishes,


Posted on October 4, 2011

thank you rick for taking time to look into this matter i really appreciate it. according to the recent e-mail i received from bret in finance @ winpalace they want to break down the $1400 into installment payments.i have been waiting since 9-21 and all they can send me is a lousy $500 today 10-4 have not received.if a business is going to advertise payouts up to $3000 then that's what they should do instead of making up b.s. like terms & conditions.sitting next to my wife this past weekend i was chatting with winpalace agent (jane) i stated word is winpalace does not pay off people when they win and her exact words i'm in the process of paying out $100;000 to 85 customers thats an average over $1000 per person i believe winpalace has a problem in financing dealing with me winning on a first time basis. my wife has a account with slot oasis we have never had the problem of getting our money 2-3 business days. bret & adrianna in financing @ winpalace act as if this damn money is coming out of there own back pocket.if i lost $1900 you think i would have installment payments HELL NO that money is coming out of my account in less than a minute.r.fuller

Posted on October 5, 2011

Hi R.

its my pleasure helping you in this case, which is actually solved since the next payout is the full amount.

i received the following message from Bret, finance rep in WP casino:

Mr.fuller was approved on the 21st , made a request on the 21st, was sent money on the 3rd of October, and made a new request on the 3rd of October, the next approval day will be 17th of October. we are acting in accordance to our terms and conditions, and the timetable for payout was not breached.

don't hesitate contacting me in the future regarding issues you may have with the casino, please send me an email to: [email protected] and i promise to do my best to resolve the issue.

all the best,


Posted on October 17, 2011

Based on the complaint's post above, AskGamblers Complaints team believe both parties managed to reach to a mutual agreement, therefore this case is considered Resolved and it is being officially closed now.

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