Slots of Vegas Casino - Over 2 months, $100 withdrawal still not paid

posted on June 15, 2016.

On 4/3, wom $100 from a correctly used (after a lost deposit+bonus) non-deposit bonus. Based upon past experience, expected 3-4 weeks for withdrawal. It has now been 10 weeks (4/3 - 615)

posted on June 20, 2016.

Dear @AndrewL418,

Please let us know if there's some update on your issue.

posted on June 24, 2016.

Hi AndrewL418--

I've had a look at your account and I can see that we're missing some documents. I can also see that one of our Escalations Manager's has emailed you regarding this, however, she's not received a reply.

Can you please check your email box for this and reply with the necessary documents?



posted on June 27, 2016.

[email protected],

Please let us know if there's an update regarding your ongoing complaint. Please keep in mind that you are supposed to reply within the given 96-hours time frame, otherwise AskGamblers Complaints Team will consider the case as Resolved and it will be closed accordingly.

Thank you for your cooperation.

posted on June 29, 2016.

Hi AndrewL418--

I've checked your account again and I still am not seeing that we've received your documents. Until we receive these, unfortunately, there's not much I can do to help.


posted on June 30, 2016.

Hi Andrew--

I spoke with Eva (our Escalations Manager) and she's informed me that we've now received your documents and a card has already been sent off to you, along with the tracking information on this. ;-)

Once you receive the card, activate it and confirm the activation with Lea, the funds will be added straight away and available to you within 48 hours.

I wish you all the best and hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend!


posted on August 15, 2016.

The complaint has been reopened as per submitter's request and AskGamblers Complaints Team would like to give this case one more try and help both parties involved to reach a satisfactory resolution.

posted on August 15, 2016.

I did receive some correspondence, but over 6 weeks have passed since I replied with the requested documentation and filled out a form, and resubmitted all of the above, and still no replies to email queries.