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Cool Cat Casino - My winnings were approved now just sitting there

Complaint Info
Disputed casino Cool Cat Casino
Reason Delayed payment
Amount $ 1250
Inactive user
Posted on July 16, 2014

I won $1,250.00 back in July. All my paperwork was already sent in and approved back in Jan or Feb, so there should have been no delays. They actually approved my cash out on Aug 5th 2010 and now it just sits there. They (coolcats) gave me the option of using my ewalletxpress, which is better than waiting for a check as last time, the bank that cashed my check for me, referred to it as a payroll check???? I keep asking why my winnings are just sitting there, when it is a click of the keyboard and they can send it to Ewallet. They are telling me a few more weeks, I keep asking WHY. If cool cats casino does not have the money to pay their customers, then they need to close up.

One more thing, I brought this to the attention of the manager (again) but when you go to cash out, or even view the cash out options, it has one that says "CHECK OVER-NIGHT EXPRESS". Well there is NO Such thing as a check, over night express and to me that is just and out and out lie, false advertisement, to get new people to play, falsely thinking, well shoot if we win, we can get our money over night. I know, I was one of those naive people that thought this was for real and even took that option 8 months ago. I really thought that their payout had gotten better, I was told it had by the help desk and stupidly believed them. My 1st cash out, 8 months ago took nearly 3 months to get. I want my cash out sent to ewalletxpress now, not 2 or 3 weeks from now, then I am going to have to wait for ewalletxpress to process it too. The bottom line, CoolCats Casino will take your deposit in seconds and then takes months to get your winnings.

Nice casino inside, but with the pay, do not play there unless you are willing to wait months for your pay, and a lot of time, they do not send all your money at once, little bits at a time. Oh one more thing, I have cashout twice with coolcats, this one being the 2nd, and because of that, the manager made a decision that I am not allowed to use their no spin back bonus match because, I was told, " you only have deposited a little over $1,000 and won a total of $4,000 so you have beaten us".

Posted on August 13, 2010

Hi Lisa,

I understand your frustration and we certainly do not want to upset you so let me explain the structure of our high bonus model. Our bonus promotions serve two purposes, one is to entice new players to try our Casino products and second to keep our existing players coming back should they have a streak of bad luck.

Once a player goes on a winning streak there is no longer a need to incentivize them to play. We are now paying them on their winnings made, in many cases from the huge bonuses we give when they come and play with us initially.

As I stated before due to our large bonus model and the increased chances to win our payout time is longer than other casinos but most of our players know this and continue to play regardless because nowhere else will you be given such a large bonus.

Our players all get paid that is a fact and we do not hide the wait time either it’s very clear all over the net and in the terms and conditions. Currently we are managing payouts on a 7 – 10 business day approval basis with 7 – 10 business days following to process.

Please feel free to check the rules and regulations posted in our web site at the following link:h­ttp­://­­olc­at-­cas­­m/b­ank­ing­-wi­thd­raw­als.php

All withdrawals that meet the cash-out requirements will be approved within 7-10 business days of the date the withdrawal was requested. The check overnight option is sent out once the approval and processing time period has elapsed.

If you require further assistance please email me directly.

Kind Regards,


Inactive user
Posted on August 24, 2010

I finally got my cash out sent to ewallet today, then Cool Cat Casino locked me out of their casino because I posted this complaint.

Boy what a favor they did for me!



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