BGO Casino - Using mysterious self-exclusion as an excuse to void my winnings

sadsamitchynose United Kingdom
posted on December 20, 2014.

I opened an account a few days ago and have made a few deposits, maybe about £100 in total. I have made a few withdrawals totalling approx £230.

I tried to log in today but my account is suspended due to being linked to a self-excluded account.

I emailed to find out more details but they said all withdrawals have been cancelled and that is that.

I have no idea why it is linked to a self-excluded account but surely they can't just take my winnings. And even if they did, surely they have to refund my deposits??

sadsamitchynose United Kingdom
posted on December 22, 2014.

Since this post went live I have had a message from BGO to say that all deposits will be refunded which is fair enough I say.

Thanks to Askgamblers and BGO