Displeased with WinPalace Casino. Asking for advice?

posted on July 9, 2012.

Hello all,

To begin, I have frequently referenced all of your expertise throughout my hunt for a casino that is reputable. I settled for Winpalace, prematurely to be honest, but their games are fun and I started winning quickly using a $30 no-deposit bonus to try out their games. Well I breached the contract by playing blackjack and video poker... THIS is where I need advice.

With the initial no-deposit bonus I won $500 on video poker- realized my mistake and started playing slots to play the "bonus play through" which was $1,200. I played through that and after a slots jackpot, I was sitting on $1,500. This was left as withdraw able at this point so I decided to begin my faxback form process which was approved within 5 days. During those 5 days I made a $50 deposit into my account and won another $500. My account now was over $2,000. A few days later my account was at $4,200 so I began the process of making a $900 transfer to my bank account which was approved. After 7 days, I was contacted (on a Thursday ;) ) that my withdraw had been rejected due to a breach in my no-deposit gameplay over 2 weeks prior. Within this email I was informed my account was reset, leaving my initial deposit. So after taking more than $4,000 from my account I am left wondering if that is warranted?? I mean I played and won a lot after the deposit and bonus was satisfied. Can anyone help me? I have saved every email and can post if need be.

I liked this casino... They were friendly and did not drag on any paperwork. The games were fun but I just did not agree with the stripping of my ENTIRE account... Maybe the fine-print is coming back to haunt me... Live and learn I guess. Just did not want it to hurt this bad.. ha. Thanks in advance for any advice on a next step...


posted on July 16, 2012.

Hello DisappointedCitizen,

thank you for your post.

I cant help you in regards to breaking the bonus terms and conditions however we respect your wish to keep on playing with us and we will do the best we can to provide you with the best possible service in the future.

in any event in the future you will need assistance please contact me directly to [email protected] and I'll do my best to solve the issue.

best wishes and happy gaming.


posted on July 16, 2012.

Hello Rick,

I appreciate the reply. I was beginning to think my posting here was just going to get overlooked.

I understand your resources are limited in what you can do. However, I don't think my claim is unreasonable when I say that WinPalace took more than was warranted. I won more than $2k after MY deposit, which was after the terms of the play through were satisfied. So I am left with the dispute that taking $4k+ from my account was unwarranted.

My issue has not been resolved. James still has not responded to my original reply wanting more details about the extraction of my funds. Forgive me for thinking there was a cap or limit to this casino's power with one's money. That money was won over several weeks, and the initial bonus was satisfied within the first day of my playing... Sorry I will continue to disagree with WinPalace's stand.

posted on July 19, 2012.


a detailed explanation about the time-frame of your bonus and the excluded games in which you played were sent to your email by Adriana.

i hope this explains it all.



posted on July 21, 2012.

The email I received from Adrianna did show the infraction in the bonus. I see that. What she will not show me is what I won post-bonus. See, Rick I won more than $2,000 after the bonus was over. I had my $900 approved withdrawal taken along with $3,500 from my account. As her email states, I played $1,000 in excluded games during the promotion. Yet you take $4400 from my account. This is my problem and it is still unresolved. WinPalace has ignored it and tiptoed around it. I understand I played excluded games. However they took more than warranted.

posted on July 23, 2012.


Finance tried to explain the situation over the mail, however i see you are still not satisfied with this explanation.

i have instructed one of the senior Winpalace account managers to discuss this with you over the phone.



posted on July 23, 2012.


That is correct. I am not satisfied with the attempts made over email. The more I and others dig, the more I lack confidence in the casino you represent. As you could imagine, I would prefer as much proof of the conversation as possible. For this reason I would prefer to be reached by email. Plus, I work a lot so my window for conversation about a matter like this is very small. So please relay that. I like copies of my conversations; as I must protect myself for I've already lost $4,000. Thanks again for your patience Rick. Your time is appreciated on my end.


posted on July 30, 2012.

Hello DisappointedCitizen,

i understand your frustration on this issue and this is the reason i asked both the WP manager and Finance to call you and explain exactly why you are not correct on your calculations.

they were not able to reach you so far but i urge you to answer the calls since i have asked the them to call you again.

on the event that you insist not talking on the phone please put me on cc to your emails so i'll be more updated.

I don't work for the casino, we are the marketing company for Winpalace, however we have a lot of influence and we can push your case forward.

Winpalace is an honest casino and as such we strive to provide you with the best service available.



posted on August 1, 2012.

The casino has stopped contacting me. I have very little hope to resolve this issue as they credited my account a bogus $100 "HUGE strings-attached" "bonus chip". A $4,500 playthrough to be able to cash out and you can only cash out a SMALL fraction of winnings. This casino is crooked. Point blank, they took multiple thousands from my account months after my promotion was over. I did break the rules in my promotion but that only accounted for $1,200 of my winnings. I deposited my own money after the promotion so I won on my own accord. Regardless of their promotion. I have had WinPalace state that I went up immediately after my deposit and stayed on top. They can keep coming up with the 100th excuse for not paying me but they wiped my account for an infraction that happened a month and a half prior. Unless they want to refund my account; no resolution will be reached. I will not settled with a bogus $100, when I still believe they are wrong. I apologize for assuming you were apart of this rogue group Rick. I am just tired of researching and finding nothing but other people like me.