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Betsafe Casino - Refusing to credit a bonus as originally advertised

Complaint Info
Disputed casino Betsafe Casino
Reason Bonus not given
Amount £ 450
zmxncbv New Zealand Message
Posted on January 3, 2017

About a week ago I came 4th in a slots tournament called the great gadget giveaway prizes are gadgets and a casino bonus with 2x wagering requirement.

The prize was 450 GBP and a "silver level gadget" of my choosing. (I chose an ipad).

Winning were meant to be paid out at 18:00 CET the following day, I waited and waited asking multiple times where the bonus and prize code were.
After around 3 days I was given the prize code but the bonus was no where to be seen.

I asked customer service multiple times what was happening with it and they told me it was coming and there was just a Hold up with this promotion I thought this was understandable because it was christmas and things may take longer with less staff etc etc.

But then again I decided to ask when I should see the bonus in my account and I was shocked to see they had changed their tune and tried to tell me that no bonuses were offered as prizes only gadgets. This was told to me via email. I knew for a fact that the prizes for placings included gadgets and bonus funds and even have pictures of what the prizes were.

Here I will upload the evidence. I very much enjoyed gambling with this casino and cant believe they would lose a customer who deposits thousands over a 450 pound bonus and also throw their reputation down the toilet.

So I would like to speak with a Betsafe Rep and get what I am owed and I dont think that is much to ask at all.

Sorry for the clarity of the pictures they are clearly visible but they were taken on my cell phone. You can clearly see that 4th place prize is a silver gadget and 450gbp.

I have more photos of emails and such but I think this is enough for now.

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