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BigBang Casino - withdrawal request been refused

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Disputed casino BigBang Casino
Reason Verification issues
Inactive user
Posted on July 2, 2014

hi i hope you can help me i tried everything but nothing seems to work

on the 1st of jan 2014 i won 4000 euros from big bang casino, great start to the year anyway i requested a withdrawal amount of 3500 euros and was asked for personal details which was fine because i have done this before so then i was sent a receipt of the withdrawal request and was told it would be in my bank in the next few days this was on the 7th january

i did not receive the amount and ever since i have been told nothing but rubbish

the information i provided them with was

passport, utility bill within 3 months old, front and back of the card i used to deposit, my iban and bic number for my bank, my skrill account, a statement showing money been taken from their company cleary showing dates and amounts that were took, and also a copy of the receipt of the withdrawal they sent me

i must have sent over 100 emails over the last month but they say the bank needs to verify my card is covered, i have been in touch with my bank and they have no record of any communication from them

now they have blocked my bigbang casino account and not even answering my emails , i have requested a call back from them and live support is not even working

its been a week since last contact from them and this is really stressing me out

hope you can understand all this as its a bit longwinded

thankyou for your help and if you need any more information please contact me

i didnt want to complain because i read really good reveiews about their site but its been 5 weeks since my withdrawal request and i have had no viable reason why they are refusing to pay my winnings


also if you need any documentation i can send you a copy of the email and receipt i received from them on the 7th jan showing how much and when it will be deposited

Posted on February 11, 2014

 The complaint was reopened upon player's request.

Inactive user
Posted on February 11, 2014

this is the first i have heard about my card not being valid as big bang casino has ignored my emails for the last 3 weeks

my card not being valid is rubbish as i have been with my bank for 3 years and made plenty of deposits and withdrawals from that account

i have sent copies of front and back of my card showing account number and sort code also with the 16 digit number on it , i have also sent a copy of my statement showing clearly amounts taken from my account on 5 seperate occasions from their reload company

they say they have been in touch with my bank asking them to verify my card and i have been in touch with my bank on several occasions and they have had no communication from bigbang casino so theres another lie

if they could tell me what i need to do to proive my identity and prove my card is valid because i dont know the following things have been sent to them

passport details

utility bill with my address on it

front of my debit card

back of my debit card

statement clearly showing money taken from my account from them

also i got a copy of the receipt they sent me with the total winnings they were suppose to be putting into my account

they also have my skrill account detrails which i had to go through the same process with skrill and with the same account and they never said anything about my card beind unvalid

for them to say that my card is not valid and asking if any other companies have had fraudulent deposits from me making me out to be some sort of criminal is very nasty and just another way for them to try and get out of paying my winningsi have registered, deposited and withdrew from several diffrent(better) online casinos since using the same card and i can list them and im sure they wont accuse me of fraud

so i am still waiting for my winnings and still want a suitable reason

if my card was not valid where is the 275 euros they took from my account then


Inactive user
Posted on February 11, 2014

hi sorry to go on but if the card i was using wasnt valid and i have been using it in fraudulent ways i think its the duty of bigbang casino to contact the authorities and make sure this doesnt happen again

they have my address passport details bank card, statement its not like i am going to run

they know more about me than i do

Inactive user
Posted on February 12, 2014


i would just like to add

i have a skrill account which i used the same card and bank account to open, they did security checks and found nothing wrong with my card or bank account

seeing as a high percentage of online casinos use SKRILL

I am sure SKRILL is a very trusted payment option so therefore if my card was fraudulent how could i open an account with SKRILL

Posted on February 15, 2014

We advise supposed players to read our terms and conditions before joining or playing in our casino. Then make the decision to play or not.


Inactive user
Posted on February 15, 2014

what do they mean supposed players

first of all it was my bank account not getting in touch with them

then my card was invalid

now i am a supposed player, im not sure what they mean by a supposed player

was there a special box i had to tick not to be a supposed player

i wasnt a supposed player when i registered , i wasnt a supposed player when i deposited nearly 300 euros, i wasnt a supposed player when i won ( i have the receipt from them telling me how much i won and SUPPOSEDLY it was going into my account)so i SUPPOSE i have to wait for the next excuse cant wait , least im not a criminal this time


Posted on February 21, 2014

 This complaint is now reopened upon player's request and we would like to give it one last chance for a successful resolution. 

We would also like to remind the casino that it is far more convinient to reply directly and in public to this complaint issue. 

Posted on February 21, 2014

Hi i recently sent a complaint and numerous emails to this site and unfortunately they choose just to ignore their members rather than deal with the problem 

my withdrawal was requested at the beginning of january and i have heard no valid reason from them why i havent received it 

they have just decided to block my account and refuse to pay me my winnings

they say my card is invalid but i have been in touch with my bank and with me sending my BIC and IBAN numbers they say that proves the validility of my account

if my card was invalid how have i got a statement from my bank with money taken from my account from their company

i have sent this numerous times along with multiple identification and still they ignore me 

i will not give up on this they seem to think that i will just go away 

if anybody knows who gave them their licence because i am sure they would like to hear how a very dodgy and unprofessional site was under their licensing laws 

i do know something about the gaming board of great britain and they would never treat a member like this ....its discusting

even though they are not under the british gaming board im sure whoever gave them their license do have rules and regulations of their own 

thankyou again for your time

Inactive user
Posted on February 24, 2014

Hi i still have had no communication at all from BIGBANG casino either on here or by email

just goes to show they are in the wrong and they cannot prove nothing, they just dont want to pay up

they keep saying my card is invalid but wheres the proof, the only proof we have is from them saying it was so

as you can see from lack of communication and total rubbish they are keep coming out with that it is untrue

I would like to ask ASK GAMBLERS if they had any proof of me using my card in any illegitimate way on any other site like BIGBANG casino had requested


Posted on February 26, 2014

We will no longer react on this forum to this issue. If any player encounters problems with our casino he or she can contact us through the proper channels.


Inactive user
Posted on February 26, 2014

The reason Big Bang casino won't react on this forum is the simple reason they can't think of any more lies to tell about me thus keeping my winnings for no good reason

As for getting in contact with them through the proper channels

I have requested a call back about 2 months ago still no communication

I was VERY lucky to get through to their live support but after asking them about my withdrawal they told me they had no authority to check it and could I email customer support

I can't mention how many emails I have sent maybe around 5 a day for two months and the last contact from them was end of January

I understand they must have a backlog of customer complaints to deal with seeing as they are cheating robbing lying company that most probably have to deal with complaints on a hourly basis

Thank you

Posted on July 2, 2014

Submitter informed us that he resolved his issue with a casino. This complaint is resolved.

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