BGO Casino - Refused Withdrawal And Refused Deposits Refund after saying they would refund

posted on March 29, 2016.

On the 25th March 2016 I recieved £120 in bonus funds from BGO casino. I wagered the £4200 required to withdraw funds. I came out with £750.

I the proceeded to withdraw, On the 29th I received and email saying my withdrawal was declined and BGO were keeping all my winnings as I wagered above £10 in one of my stakes. I did not. I read the terms and conditions carefully and made sure i did not wager over £10.

BGO also said via email that they were going to refund my deposits. They did not. They said that the bonus funds were a 'goodwill gesture' and that i would not, in fact be receiving any refund.

I had deposited £150 to earn this bonus money but they still will not refund me despite saying in black and white that they would. I asked for proof that I wagered over £10 but they did not give me proof nor even respond to that question.

I am now £750 down, having played by the rules and in good faith. I want at the very least, my deposits back but they are just so greedy that they wont. It's criminal.

They even took a cheek £25 off the £750 for their 'Admin Fees'

If i have to, I will go to a claims court. And i will certainly be going to the press. Press in the UK love stuff like this. So I thnk that Its going to cost more than £750 for BGO.

I specifically do not want Andrew Chadwick to even be involved with this as, It seems from all the other complaints customers have had, He either Upsets people in the politest way he can or does absolutely nothing about it.

posted on March 30, 2016.

Update. Bgo gave me the £120 bonus again and I wagered the £4,200 spinning at £5 a spin. £5 lower than the £10 limit they place. I made a £1600 profit and kept to the terms and condition's will keep you all updated on the withdrawal process.

posted on April 2, 2016.


Having checked player account i can see that the withdrawal has now completed with bgo. It should reach your account in 3-5 working days depending on your payment provider.

Therefore this case is now resolved.

Should you need any further assistance then please just get in touch.

Kind regards,

Customer Service Team Leader

posted on April 5, 2016.

Dear @bbarnes92,

Did you receive your payment, can we close this complaint? Please be advised that in case you fail to respond within the given time frame we will consider this case as resolved and closed.