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Always Cool casino scam

posted on September 5, 2013.

They gave me 3500% bonus, I deposited 200. met the play through requirement. was trying to withdraw 7000$. I have only one account and used one credit card. I sent all the information etc. They email me saying I have multiple accounts...They have idenitied 2 accounts that is not mine..They conviniently shut those 2 accounts..without telling me..or giving further details..So these mystery accounts have disappeared..Pls tell me how thsi is possible..They are doing this so they dont have to pay the players. They want me to accept that i cheated. How can i do that when that is not the case.

Has anyone else faced this?.

pls help me get the money..

posted on September 8, 2013.

This case is under investigation by the casino manager. Expect a reply before the end of business Monday.

posted on September 9, 2013.

The multiple account checker software has found this player to have multiple accounts (see below). The evidence used is that this player has shared a STATIC IP with 2 other players.

As per our rules stated at http:/­/ga­mes.on­lin­eca­sin­o.a­c/h­tml­/te­­p?l­ang=en :

Term #8 - Multiple Accounts Are Not Permitted

Opening multiple accounts is strictly prohibited and results in an immediate ban as well as revoked winnings.

We limit our accounts to one per household. This includes computers, email addresses, and credit card numbers. This also applies to shared environments such as libraries, workplaces, dorms, and universities.

However if the "shared environment" were to be a hotel (the player has said he used the site at various hotels in his message to another watchdog site) we would be inclined to make an exception in this case and not enforce this rule since it was created to stop people from abusing bonuses and a user who happened to login from a hotel wouldn't be doing that. We are currently verifying if the shared IP did indeed belong to a hotel. If yes, we will be proceeding with the withdrawal. I'll update again tomorrow once we have more on this case.

posted on September 11, 2013.

We have examined the evidence. The IP that was in the shared environment did belong to a hotel. We have decided to make an exception in this case since the rule was created to prevent bonus abuse and this does not qualify and appears to just be a chance happening.

However, the player is yet to complete the wagering requirements on all the bonuses he has redeemed. We have sent the player a detailed reply explaining how much WR is left. Should the player complete the wagering requirements the withdrawal will proceed immediately.

posted on September 14, 2013.

so they email me saying that they confirmed that I played in a hotel which i agree. BUt I didnot have multiple accounts. So they gave back my deposit.

BUt I was not allowed withdrawal becasue they found another rule, again which I was not aware of.

They say i made 2 deposit and that I didnot play and lose all the money with the first deposit money and instead i made another deposit ...though i met the WR for the second deposit (0 ~500k) I didnot meet the WR for the first far as i know I lost both the deposit money and bonus money for the first deposit....Now how can i prove it , cos i dont have facts with my rules, i dont like to make another deposit unless i lost all the money....anyways i accepted their claim.

So out of the 7000$ I won, they gave back my 400$ deposit. and put the rest of the money into bonus play and asked me to again meet ~150K WR toward my fisrt deposit...

Now what is annoying is i met WR for the second deopsit which in their term doesnot matter.

So now i have to play again and meet the WR inorder to withdr­aw...S­eri­ous­ly...I told them this is a trap. cos noone wins all the time...

In other words they didnot allow withdrawal unless i played the WR for first deposit..

and incase i win, I am only allowed to withdraw 3500$...

So I played knowing i will lose...and i couldnot meet the AC casino did everything to find a rule or make a rule not to pay players...

I will not play in this casino anymore...

warning to others...

posted on September 14, 2013.

> BUt I was not allowed withdrawal becasue they found another rule, again which I was not aware of.

I think it is important to note that your not knowing of the rule does not invalidate it. The rules are posted on the website for all to see. Your account did not zero out between the 2 deposits. A zero out is clearly recorded prior to your second to last deposit when you had a balance of $0.10 but not this last time. We don't even require you to bring the balance to zero (as this is not practical in some cases), any balance of $1 or below is considered a zero out. I am happy to send you a log of your balance showing what your balance was each time you logged in and logged out and you can see for yourself there was no zero out. This rule will be enforced at any online casino. When you redeem 2 bonuses without zeroing out your account you have to make the WR on both of them and the max cashout is the lesser of the 2 bonuses.

The reason why this did not come up before was because when we believed you to have multiple accounts due to having played in a hotel where others were also playing at our site the withdrawal was not looked at any further. Multiple accounts invalidates any withdrawals. However, once it was established that you did not have multiple accounts the withdrawal request was reopened and this was the first thing we saw and explained it to you in a detailed email going step by step showing where you stood with regards to your request. I am sorry to hear you were unable to meet the WR on the bonuses you redeemed but that is the way it goes sometimes. I don't think it is fair to lash out at us when we have been nothing but accommodating. Technically speaking, we could have enforced the multiple accounts provision since any shared environments are not allowed but we did not as that would be outside the spirit (though not the technicality) of the rule. We restored your account to full status and provided you the opportunity to complete the WR even though we had already refunded all your deposits of $400 back to you because we originally believed you to have multiple accounts and that is what is done in cases of multiple accounts.

You actually owe us the $400 at this point however we do not wish to push the issue. I understand you no longer wish to play online and that is your right but should you return please remember that you owe us $400 and that will be deducted off any future withdrawals.

posted on February 18, 2014.

 Is this complaint solved or what is happening?