Always Cool Casino - Not willing to pay

posted on March 31, 2014.

A win of 177.50 euro realized on 18th of march and,still waiting for a reply to my open ticket for the withdrawall.

Afetr many attempts to call them by telephon and receiving as answer only a recorded message i decide to contact the chat.

The last one,last week,the rep say :YOUR TICKET IS QUEUED,BE PATIENT AND WAIT.than i'd ask,sorry but on your T&C is written that the ticket will get answer in max 3 days,so,he reply again WAIT.,BECAUSE IF YOU OPEN MORE TICKETS,YOUR WIN WILL BE CANCELED,than i ask,sorry but,also asking for chat represent a open ticket?and he say YES (i've all chat saved so no problem to show what am writing here),than i ask again:so,how i can get news about my withdrawall,he reply :WAIT,THE DEPT WILL CONTACT YOU IN A COUPLE OF HOURS.

Ok since this chat nobody contact me so,i've understood that i'll never get this win from this casino.

Hope hat somebody here can help me off with this matther and ask why they are behaving like that to me,never did something wrong or try to stole money.

Many thx to anyone will help me to solve this problem