All WinPalace Casino email account inboxes are full...

posted on January 31, 2012.

So I'm trying to send the DL portion of the faxback requirements to their faxbac­[email protected]­inp­ala­ email address as they specifically requested, but i get failure notifications stating that the recipient's inbox is full.

I email finance and support about it and financ­[email protected]­inp­ala­ kicks back too, but support does respond saying that they will send an email to their finance department for me.

Now when I try to email suppor­[email protected]­inp­ala­ I get kickbacks that this inbox is also full.

...How can I send you the required documents... ...if your inboxes... ...are always full?

posted on February 2, 2012.

My initial email to faxbac­[email protected]­inp­ala­ was successfully received and responded to. I do not believe this was related to my complaint on this website. It seems [email protected] and [email protected] are still full for the time being, but I've been shown that they do (eventually) take care of the emails they receive. Perhaps not in the ideally instantaneous manner we would like, but it isn't my place to judge their management here while knowing nothing of their workload, operations, staff availability, resources, extenuating circumstances, etc.

I am withdrawing my complaint at this time. Thank you to AskGamblers for your help, and sorry to WinPalace for somewhat jumping the gun. Just please don't screw me over here, I'll feel stupid if I have to submit another complaint later on...


posted on February 3, 2012.

Since the complaint is withdrawn, this case is successfully solved.