Smart Live Gaming Casino - Constant payment delays

zagalote1981 Portugal
posted on January 28, 2016.

On the 16th of January i opened an account at Smart Live Casino.
I made deposit of 103€ and received the respective welcome bonus.
I completely fullfilled the wagering requirements and in the meanwhile, playing various slots, my casino balance came to 2800€.
On the same day i made a withdrawal of 2800€ to skrill.
On 17th i went to the chat in order to know what documents they needed so my withdrawal could be processed.
On that same day i sent the required documents and i was told that my “account been verified and is fine”.
On the 18th I went back to the chat (since my account was verified the day before) to know if they could give some news about my withdrawal. I was told that by the end of that week I should receive my money. Everything ok and I leave the chat.
After leaving the chat I went to my account details and suddenly i see that my withdrawal amount is back in my casino balance. I went back to the chat and asked why this happened, I was told I had to change the payment method to neteller. I did that in that exact moment.
On the 21th I went to the chat in order to get an update about my withdrawal. I was told the timeframe for withdrawals to be processed is 3-5 working days.
On the 23th I went back to chat and the support answer was the same. The “3-5 working days”.
On the 24th I sent an email asking when my withdrawal would be processed. The day after i got an answer saying the “3-5 working days thing” and they also said “Unfortunately I cannot tell you exactly when the money will be back in your bank account as this all depends on the time your bank takes to process its refunds”. I replied saying that my bank had nothing to do with the delays because I made the withdrawal to neteller and I got an answer saying “I have spoken to the payment team here at Smart Live Casino. They have told me all is fine with the withdrawal and it will be paid by Neteller shortly”.
On the 26th i received 300€ on my neteller account and the 2500€ were put back in my casino balance by the casino itself. I went to the chat in order to know the reason. I was told “Please be advised that the error is not on our end and this is due to a transaction failure”. That same moment I made (again) a 2500€ withdrawal and left the chat being told by the support “Please be advised that the withdrawal may take up to one working day”.
Today (28th) I went to the chat to know if my withdrawal is going to be processed today. Incredibly I get again the “3-5 workings days conversation”. Moments later, in same chat session, I was told that I had to change the 2500€ withdrawal to skrill. I was asked to make a 10€ deposit in order to be able to withdraw the money to skrill. I did that and right after I submitted again a withdrawal, this time 2510€.
I left that chat session with these three answers:
- “Please be informed that your withdrawal will be processed as soon as possible. I am in no position to provide an exact time frame however as this depends on the workload of our payment department”
- “I can assure you now that everything is in order and you can expect your money in due time”
- “We assure you it will be taken care of. We apologize for the inconvenience caused”
To reinforce all that I had said in the chat session I also sent an email today (28th) and received again the “3-5 working days” answer. I replied that I have been waiting for almost 10 working days now!
They replied: ”I can confirm you withdrawal will be process shortly”.
To this hour of 28/01/2016 I wasn’t payed the 2510€ I won fairly at Smart Live Casino.
(I have copy’s of all the emails, of all chat sessions and also screenshot’s of the casino “my account” page for each time I had to make and remake my withdrawals).

zagalote1981 Portugal
posted on January 29, 2016.

I don't know if it had anything to do with this complaint but i was paid the total amount today, by Smart Live Casino.

I received the 2510€ in my Neteller account.

Askgamblers thank you. You can now close this complaint as resolved.

posted on January 29, 2016.

Based on player's last comment, we consider this case as resolved and it is now officially closed.