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Golden Lady Casino - Locked me out then removed my 15k balance citing bogus rule

posted on August 14, 2014.

Hello, I joined GoldenLady in late July 2014 and received many phone and email solicitations for deposits. I did a deposit but then didn't play for a few days due to bonus rules I did not like. A host called me and said there was a 250% bonus with no max cashout good unlimited times. I deposited a number of times for this bonus (at least 5x), lost on every one, and on Sat Aug 2 got a call soliciting me again for this promotion.
I deposited $50 and hit an amazing spin on pigskin payout for almost 15k. I was thrilled and went home to celebrate. I had not finished my rollover and less than two days later, I went back to complete it.
At this time, I was unable to login, the system citing "bad password or username" or something like that. I went to chat and the operator changed my password and I was allowed to login, but much to my horror, the balance was gone. I asked the chat operator what happened and he told me "the bonus expires in 30 hours, so I'm sorry, your balance has been removed, but you can play again."
This rule is not only absurd, and not in line with industry standards, but also not listed in any of their bonus terms and conditions that appear on their cashier or their website. I have attached here proof of my play history, the rules, and the chats that I have had saved.

I believe this is an attempt to rob me of my giant jackpot winnings and would like AskGamblers to investigate this.

Thank you

posted on August 15, 2014.

Here's the proofs attached.

posted on August 18, 2014.

Dear @slotslover,
Any update considering your complaint?

posted on August 22, 2014.

I did get a call from them today trying to convince me of the "30 hour rule" but I was not convinced. The person who called was pleasant and did want to make an agreement, I think. I know that rule did not exist but did say I would settle (don't know why, but I'm afraid I'd get nothing) for half. The caller said how could I get paid when I had not met the rollover. I asked how much was left and he told me 7000. I said, fine, assume I lost every single spin (impossible, 10-20% loss more likely) and I still have $8000, so pay me $8000. I said I would accept $500 per week until I'm paid in full. I think I'm being very fair and even going too far, but it's ok. They said they will call back tomorrow. Let's see.

posted on August 26, 2014.

I would like to remind you about the time restriction on 250% bonus (30 hours). Player ask us
to give me half of the balance to try again in order to complete the
remaining wagering, we informed the player that is not possible as due to
time restriction.

posted on August 27, 2014.

The response the casino gave is not accurate. I said I would take either the balance back or take half to be PAID to me (and this was overly generous on my part). The 30 hour rule is no where in the rules. If you see my initial statement, I included both the rules for that specific bonus as well as their general terms and conditions. There is no mention of any 30 hour rule for that promo. If there were, I gladly would have played it out. I went to the trouble of copying the rules, please look at them above. The casino would have pointed to the rule in the terms if it had existed. The reason I was going to take $7500 or 8000 is that I had approx 7000 to go, so I told them they could imagine I lost every spin (virtually impossible) and could take out the entire remaining rollover and pay the rest. If the 30 hour rule actually exists, can someone please find it for me in the terms that I have copied above? Anyone have any suggestions how I can address this injustice?