Golden Lady Casino - Impossible to make a withdrawal and promoting disappeared

zebra592005 France
posted on February 19, 2015.

I played a bonus promotion 185E with a 25E depot, I conducted the playtrough of 7400E.
Everything worked, the current promotion was visible as well as the list of other promotions.
Towards the end of my playtrough my current promotion is no longer visible in the car, it is noted new upcoming promotions.
I want to withdraw my winnings from my neteller deposit method, and it is noted impossible depending on the withdrawal limits.
I do not believe a technical problem because all the other times I made deposits and lost, the system worked well.
I think it is voluntary on the part of the casino that does not appreciate the winners.
I want my money and be able to perform my withdrawal.

PS: when the casino called you, I have noticed that it is exactly the same number that appears as winbig21, to believe that this casino is managed by the same team

zebra592005 France
posted on February 23, 2015.

While golden lady what did you say in your defense?

The concern is still not resolved, more unlike usual, this casino does not contact me daily basis

zebra592005 France
posted on February 25, 2015.

Here I had alex on the chat, he asked me why I was doing bad publicity on the forum.
I managed to unmask and certify that golden lady and winbig21 are two sister casinos so careful!
They use the same strategy to not pay, promotions that disappear from the body and with Neteller withdrawal limit.

They inform me more than they allowed me to play at their casino for this bad publicity and they say they do not want to pay my winnings

These fraudsters

zebra592005 France
posted on February 25, 2015.

Here is the e-mail received at the moment

Login: zebra592005

Greetings of the day!

Just try to contact us on Live chat and make your withdraw successfully
or before placing a withdraw try to file a complaint return which you
made it in forums wrongly about our casino.We never appreciate this kind
of activities by any user of Golden lady casino.

We request you to contact on our Live chat to know more assistance,else
your withdraw will be confiscate for a while.You account is deactivated
by us for a while,please contact us.

Kind regards
casino support team,
Golden lady casino

zebra592005 France
posted on February 27, 2015.

That day I managed to make my withdrawal, I expect to see more regarding payment, we are a little late

zebra592005 France
posted on March 1, 2015.

I confirm that the casino paid me this day my winnings.
You can now close this complaint and noted as resolved

posted on March 2, 2015.

Based on player's last comment, we consider this case as resolved and it is now officially closed.