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CrazyWinners Casino


CrazyWinners Casino is an instant-play online casino featuring hundreds of slots, live and virtual table games, and instant win favourites from Betsoft and Vivo Gaming. The casino is available to players on virtually any device, including computers, smartphones, and tablets. CrazyWinners Casino also offers 24/7 live chat and is available in 4 different languages. The site is licensed by the government of Curacao.

Restricted Countries and Territories

Players from Belgium, Denmark, Israel, Italy, Spain, and the United States are not currently welcome at CrazyWinners Casino.

Virtual Games

Players at CrazyWinners Casino will find every kind of slot game, from Betsoft’s 3D video slots to Vivo Gaming’s exciting titles. Some of their most popular games include The True Sheriff Slot, Paco and the Popping Peppers Slot, After Night Falls Slot, Lost Slot, and Gold Diggers Slot.

Those who want the excitement of table games can find several virtual versions of multiple games, in addition to the CrazyWinners Live Casino. These virtual games include a number of Blackjack and Roulette variants plus other games like Poker 3 Heads Up Holdem, Caribbean Poker, Oasis Poker, and more.

CrazyWinners Casino is also home to several other casino specialties. These include the entire line-up of Betsoft video pokers as well as Instant Keno, unique themed games like Viking Craps and Wasabi Fighter, and plenty of scratch cards.

Live Games

Players at CrazyWinners Casino can try their luck in the live dealer section powered by Vivo Gaming. This area of the site offers real games of Live Baccarat, Live Roulette, Live Craps, Live Caribbean Poker, and Live Blackjack, many of which are available in multiple variants. Each game is broadcast in real-time and can be played by any player.

Mobile Gaming

A large number of CrazyWinners Casino’s games are compatible with mobile devices. Players do not need to download an app to access the games: the HTML5-powered site scales perfectly with almost any mobile browser, including those powered by iOS, Android, and Windows Phone.


CrazyWinners Casino does a good job of providing players with fast, efficient support. The live chat button is available on all parts of the website and enables players to get in touch with a representative within seconds. Players also have the option of getting an email reply to an inquiry, either by sending a direct email or by filling out an online contact form.

Security and Fairness

CrazyWinners Casino is protected with SSL encryption, the industry standard for online safety. This technology prevents anyone from gaining unauthorized access to private information by converting it into random, unreadable strings of text at the source.

All of the games at CrazyWinners Casino have been tested and shown to be fair by TST, a leading independent auditing agency. We have no doubt that players will find a fair game here.


  • Totally instant-play
  • Designed for computers, smartphones, and tablets
  • Features wide range of slots from Betsoft and Sandstorm
  • Good variety of table games and other casino specialties
  • Features one of the most diverse live casinos on the web
  • Live chat support available
  • Secured with SSL encryption
  • Proven fair by TST


  • Not available to residents of Belgium, Denmark, Israel, and other territories
  • No phone support

CrazyWinners Casino Reviews by Players


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1234567 21 reviews
Well I'm not so happy with this casino! I have make a withdraw and the payout was first 5-8 business day. After the 8 days I chat again and now it was 5-10 business days. After the 10 business day I chat again and now it is 5-14 business days. So I will chat again again again I'm afraid!

So people don't put any money on this casino you been warned.
dire33 4 reviews
The good thing about the site is that they are actually approving your documents in 48 hours. Then you need to wait 5-18 days before you can get your winnings. This is good if you don't need the money, if you do its bad, its up to you to decide. I think having a manager responding fast to you with E-mails are good. They do it very fast. They do pay out winnings and that's good. Keep reading what I disliked, its important for future depositors to the site. But again its up to you to decide.
Well I have a complaint with documents regarding my withdraw sent to Ask Gamblers, perhaps they can help sorting it all out. They did send apart of my money and not all of it. That gave me a red light on future deposits. There logic for not sending 100 % of my winnings are not justified in my point of view. I think having 5-18 days for payments are not really good for business, they need to compete with other companies. The site only works on Chrome, bad in FirefoxThere live support chat never response, that's another red light for me, but that's me. I think a chat support should do his or hers work and be on place.

I seen alot of complaints on this site and that did worry me when my withdraw was pending, but when my money came it was 60 euro less then I withdraw. I was wondering if more people have had this experience, when they withdraw from C winners they get less what they withdraw? I had no bonus on this money. I just a wondering. I think this Review is in right terms of Ask Gamblers, if not let me rewrite it. But I think this casino in my point of view is a abit shady. I am glad I got some of my money /GG
Disappointed 1 review
I would strongly advise people to avoid this casino. In my experience with them they make it so easy to deposit your cash it's simple easy and quick and if you have any problems with deposits there is an online chat to help you, successfully get your money into their account. Withdrawals are a different matter altogether, you have to provide them with a lot of sensitive information about your bank account and identification and your address. I could get zero assistance from the online support as soon as I mentioned withdrawal. I wanted to find out if my withdrawal would be possible before I gave them them all my personal information but all I could find out from them was that they needed my info before they would proceed on my pending payment so after six months of trying to get some assistance I sent them my personal information against my better judgement because I wanted to receive my winnings. And after several day this was their response.

According to our T&C's:

4.9. ... A players who has previously made a successful deposit and is now wishing to withdraw a free chip win, is required to have deposited within the last 30 days in order for the withdrawal to be approved and the deposit cannot be added to an existing pending withdrawal. If added to an existing withdrawal, the amount will be deducted from the total withdrawal amount ...
Your withdrawal has been denied and cancelled.

So they effectively got all my details for a withdrawal that they were never going to honor when they could have told me that before they got me to divulge all my personal info I don't want floated out there. I believe this casino has some scams going on, mostly tied into their terms and condition. Please don't be like me and foolishly give your hard earned money to this casino that seem to be invested in finding ways to avoid paying you what they say you have won in their casino. Bottom line is they are happy to take your cash but make it very difficult to redeem money you thought you had won.
Luckyduck1 4 reviews
This is not a good Casino, they have a lot to learn from the top casino, alright they have clean site that's why I give them 3 star but they could be an very good casino if they were a little bit faster.

I mean I'm been gambling for 10 years and I have never experience an casino that are to slow. They let you wait nearly 2 weeks before they accept your small withdraw, feels like they wan to scam you.
They should not have function there you can cancel your withdraw because I think they have an strategy that they want you to cancel your withdraw and gambling away your money... That's really sad really.
derbias 3 reviews
My account has been restored to it's previous state and I now have access to my winnings, they got back to my in around 1 day.

Overall I like this casino, the layout is something different/more enjoyable to the usual casinos.

Previous comment:
Well I won a fair amount of money $339.59 after clearing my wagering requirements, but now a free bonus was applied without my consent and now my available balance to withdraw is ZERO and wagering requirements are $2000, I hope this is just a simple misunderstanding on my part, I have emailed support, Mark T (whom applied the bonus) and my account manager (angela) and am hoping this will not turn into a drawn out affair.
Games seem to have to be reloaded from time to time, but i have a slow internet connection.
elena88 4 reviews
I like the videoslots and sort of games they have.
I don't like that you hear a lot from the casino when they want to pursue you to come and play at their casino (text messages with free spin offers, e-mails etc.) But when you ask something that benefits the player and not the casino there is totally no response. It feels very very untrustworthy to me. It seems to me that the 150 euro's I've won with the free spins is more important for them to keep then to have a new happy customer who would have deposited and play more if they just answered my question in a normal matter.

Before I deposit at any casino I always like to try the games and see if the casino and service gives me a good feeling. That I did with the free spins. Won 150 euro, made it through the playthrough requirements. Wanted to deposit so I could play a little and cash out my winnings. Customer service was talking a lot to me: would you like to claim this en this bonus. I asked that I first wanted to know if I could cash out my winnings. And I never got any response back anymore. Next day I ask if they want to unsubscribe me (because the button didn't work) and the only (very fast) answer I got was yes. Ridiculous. Done with this casino.
Nice games. New games I have never played before.
This casino has given me grey hairs. It took me 1 week to sort out my documents. Everything was wrong. Eventually after much blood sweat and tears they were approved. This was all done before I had won anything. So I played for a few days enjoying the games winning some loosing some.

When I hit a lucky streak one night I decided to make a withdrawel. I withdrew ZAR 6000. I asked chat support the next day how long it will take before I get my winnings....18 days was the reply!! Can this be true?? I am not having a tantrum I am just asking myself what have I just heard ..18 days??

I have read all the complaints and it seems like everyone is having problems with this casino. Some are even saying that Crazywinners casino is a scam?? I will keep you updated. Waiting with baited breath to see when I am going to receive my winnings
RaCki 10 reviews
I wrote a review about this casino earlier but it was removed for some reason.
Here we go again in the short version, this casino has a lot of strange rules, one of them is that you are not allowed to discuss them in a negative way on any blog or forum, it's against their rules etc, anyway if you want a good laugh, read their rules and stay away from them. :)

Thanks for your review.
We recommend all players read the terms and conditions before starting to play.

CrazyWinners Casino
christine1955 30 reviews
United Kingdom
Unfortunately, there is nothing much that appeals to me on this site. The layout is a bit of a shambles. I was logged out numerous times, strangely I had to log in via facebook.

There are a lot of slots but most I didn't recognize, couldn't open a lot of them.

On a positive note, my contact with a customer service rep was good, I didn't get to withdraw any winnings so can't comment on that process.
The fact that it is a messy site, having to keep on logging in and out. I won't be returning to the site. I have given 2 stars for the polite customer rep
Afi4wins 1236 reviews
First of all, let me admit that I have never been one of crazy winners. Crazy losers, yes! Oh, you too? Ah, welcome to the losers club! Hehehe. The reason why I signed up at CrazyWinners Casino was simply because of its ongoing promotional offer of a 200% bonus + 200 free spins. I'd be crazy not to take that! Nosirree, I wasn't crazy, so I took it up. The 200 free spins offer was broken up into two parts, just to drive you a little crazy. The first part consisted of 20 no-deposit free spins, woohoo, and the balance 180 free spins to be delivered at 20 free spins per day, over 9 days. Aargh! I would prefer to play all the 200 free spins in one go, finish it off, win or lose, so that I can focus on other casinos. Nope, they want me to come back day after day, for 9 full days, driving me crazy in some ways.

But, that wasn't all that got off to an unpleasant start. Instead of taking me into the casino's lobby, I was taken into a prison lobby, where everything was locked away, in case anything tried to escape, so something like that. Sheesh! To open any one of those locked 'prisoners', I needed a master key, and what's the master key? A deposit! Nope, I haven't got that yet, not until I've got my no-deposit 20 free spins first. And nope, I haven't gone crazy enough yet to forget about them either! Hahaha.

If you think getting that 20 free spins was like taking some peanuts from a monkey, you're damn blardy right! It was damn blardy hard, because the navigation around the casino's website was so unusual, I couldn't find the right ways. It took me about 30 minutes to go here and there before I finally found those free spins, hidden behind the Welcome Bonus's 'claim this offer' button! That too, I next needed to look into a small window on the left hand side of the screen, where another button needed to be clicked upon. It showed 'Free spins, Play'. If I needed to click just one more additional button after that one, I think I would have exploded right there and then! Sheesh! Well, I didn't take away those peanuts from the monkey, saving me lots of monkey bites, but those 20 free spins were next to useless! I guess even that monkey would have wanted to keep its peanuts than to take what I've won! Sheesh!

Some days later, I went back to the 'prison' to buy me a master key. Luckily, there wasn't any monkey around, so there wasn't any monkey business too. Phew! That was a relief! I clicked on the 'deposit' button and was taken into the cashier. All's well that ends well, right? Wrong! A message popped up and said something like 'deposit method is prohibited'. What the aargh does that mean? I tried to find my way out of that stupid locking message, only to find myself in a cage. No way out, no Neteller, no nothing. Just a Credit Card symbol there. And I knew straight away that this crazy casino does not accept my Neteller, for one reason or another. I thought maybe this was just a temporary error or something, but many tries over the next few weeks all ended up the same. So today, after my final attempt, I surrendered. That monkey wins! The monkey can keep all the peanuts, because I just cannot get in! What the aargh!
My biggest disappointment with CrazyWinners Casino is for not indicating anywhere, nor mentioning anywhere, that players from my country cannot deposit using Neteller! I don't use any credit cards, but I'm not going to bother. What the heck, for all I know, all players may not be able to use Neteller even! Maybe that monkey took away the 'no Neteller' sign? Sheesh!
givara58 37 reviews
This casino is a scam, they rubbed my money. I deposited 25 euros got 125. Start playing, each spin od 0.50 my balance went down 3 euros, then 5 euros for each spin. I chat with them thinking its only one game error. I discovered all netent took my balance, chat said bet less you so it will be a bigger bet..., what answer is that?

They are thieves, they took my money. I hope they wont steel my credit card infomations. I am gonna do something with these bastards.
Dear givara5,

Thank you for your feedback.

In order to best resolve the issue, please go ahead and send our Support Team an email explaining exactly what the matter is.

Please send the email to

Once they have received your email, they will be able to better resolve the matter.
We look forward to hear from you.


CrazyWinners Casino
abbesatty63 9 reviews
CrazyWinner casino tries to be unique design/content wise, but in my eyes it fails the first and most important key for good or even an average design, (ACCESSIBILITY). I had hard time registering because the text is unreadable.

All games and other features are totally disabled if your balance is zero (kinda tries teasing you:) ). The lobby suddenly lights up when you click "Purchases/Pay" button, otherwise it is dark, cold grayed out place, the message is clear :"Deposit or get the hell out of here".

I really disliked this feature, at least the casino could offer fun play, this is good for the player and for the casino as well.

It is always pays off to be unique and innovative, but not at the cost of accessibility and being harsh to the players (by making them feels unwelcome ).

I signed up and the chat support was kind enough to credit me 20 freespins im Fruit Zen, but never managed to play them cause every time I click on "Play 20 freespin", it takes me to empty blue page and I can see that the game is undefined as the URL states. Tried to invoke live-chat and query about the problem, but the chat was gone, and everything seem like a dessert .

I did not deposit there based on what i discovered so far.

I will give them 4/10, based on these observations only, without knowing more about the games performance och payouts. Maybe I will post more later if I deposited there.
This is the worst online casino I have ever been on! Deposited €30 with a 400% deposit bonus. I though that was pretty good! But after getting €150 to play with, wagering 80x and in total wagering about €13000!!

I was finally able to withdraw, which I did. I withdrew €1750 in total. I heard nothing at all from anyone from the site. It was only because I was messaging and emailing them most days to find out what was going on that I finally got sent an email asking for documents to prove my identity I'm assuming. So after sending all of the info off and it being approved, I had 3 emails. 2 said withdrawal declined and one said withdrawal success. I was given €180 from the €1750 I actually withdrew from the site. Totally ridiculous. This was about 2 weeks ago, and payment was sent about 1 week ago and still haven't had a penny! I have tried to ask questions and I have never been given a straight answer, feel like I'm going around in circles!

The customer service is awful, it takes about 3/4 days for them to reply to an email. I am still yet to receive a reply from 2 emails I sent 4 days ago. I would avoid this site! Would never recommend to anyone. So angry about it. I will not be dropping it until I receive the money I withdrew. I was never told that I would recieve a different amount than I withdrew until it was too late for me to question it. Seems like a con site to me! Don't get sucked in by the massive deposit bonus, as you will not be able to have all of your winnings!

They have a terrible 10x rule, which only allows you to withdraw 10x your deposit. Then they take off the initial bonus they gave you for depositing! I can go on all day about it! Please avoid!
Since there is no reply button after you comment and make me look like I am a fool. I have reply to your email regarding my netteller acc. If you only check or pretend not to I dont know. I have the email I sent to you regarding my nettleller acc and already sent you another one. I have a record of it.

Oh btw Ur finance department only work monday to thursday is that right?

And customer support wasn't much help either. They only there when someone wanna deposit.

I just want my money back and don't make me look like a crook.

Please check your Neteller account, your withdrawal was paid on the 21st of February.

All the best,

CrazyWinners Casino
This Casino is a joke. Deposit $50 coz got confuse about the bonus. None of the games really pays even when you bet more than a dollar.

Luckily got my $50 back after wagering and when request for withdrawals none of the live chat support seems to know anything. They are only there for when you want a deposit and very rude.

Contacted the documents and support by email still nothing.
Live chat say it takes 10 to 18 days for the process.

Requested on the 8/2/16 and no one contacted me.

Don't deposit in this casino.
Hey Tozlynn,

Thank you for your honest review of CrazyWinners.

We understand your frustration.
However, we must stand by our existing terns and condition and we continue to urge any player interested in playing at CrazyWinners to first read the full terms and conditions and withdrawal limits and options.

Please note, currently we are waiting for you to provide the requested Neteller info so we can complete your pending withdrawal via Neteller. An email regarding the matter was sent to you yesterday. As you can see, we do want to pay you.

Feel free to contact our support team if you need any further assistance.

CrazyWinners Support
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