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CrazyWinners Casino - Delayed verification process and payment


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Megapixels New Zealand Message
Posted on October 12, 2018

I sent a request for withdrawal of 2500.00 recently the agent's then told me I was only eligible for 250.00 of that because I only deposited 25.00... I then had to provide identification photos and a form sent all through as well as over 5 emails attaching 2 different proof of address letters. The casino then emailed me 2 days later saying all proof of identity attachments were accepted cool I thought!!
Then I logged into my account and another agent said my bank statement was not accepted or received try again I've now sent over 7 emails regarding this.
Also the email address docume­nts­@cr­azy­win­ner­s.com does not work and I had to send all the emails to suppor­t@c­raz­ywi­nne­rs.com have yet to receive a reply yet I'm getting quite pissed about this as I've already been let down by them by saying I'm not entitled to the full 2500.00 I initially won now my verification and payment is now delayed please help me if you can. I'd like this resolved I won't be using this casino ever again as I've never experienced such a process and delay ever online.

Megapixels New Zealand Message
Posted on October 13, 2018

Sort of an update was told yesterday that the accounts team will be back on Monday.
I asked again today and was told they'll be back tomorrow?? Which one is it crazy winners all I'm asking is to be verified all documents I've sent are legal and correct please reply as I want this quickly and diligently sorted. I've deposited a lot over the past few months and deserve some sort of explanation

Megapixels New Zealand Message
Posted on October 14, 2018

Please close this complaint as I've decided to close my account with crazy winners and cut my losses this whole process was so unnecessary and I do hope in the future that this casino is more efficient and communicative with users online.
There was no need to keep me and countless others waiting so long

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