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Online Casinos with Complaints

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: Online Casinos with Complaints

Disputes often occur between two parties in the online gambling community. Now, as much as we would love all online casinos to behave in the utmost professional manner towards their clients, that's not always the case. Naturally, there is also the other side of the coin with many cases of players trying to scam casinos. Thus, our complaint section was set up to help the communication between players and casino operators and today we're going to take a look at several possible issues that might arise.

A Mediator between Online Casinos and Players

Thanks to our Casino Complaint Service, AskGamblers acts as a sort of mediator, striving to take a neutral stance in all conflicts.

Once a complaint has been submitted, the claims will be reviewed and, if enough facts have been submitted, the AskGamblers complaints section will contact the casino operator in question on behalf of the player to create a dialogue between the two parties. AskGamblers will give all operators 96 hours response time to any given issue.

A Variety of Complaints Submitted through Our Complaint Service

Luckily, there are numerous cases of successfully solved issues, where the casino operators have acted within the response period set up or even immediately, offering not only an explanation, but polite understanding.

Unfortunately, on the other hand, there are also cases where appalling treatment appears as normal behaviour and getting a response from a customer service representative is a mission impossible. Obviously, these types of situations cannot be allowed. It was with this in mind that AskGamblers decided to set up its complaint system and, since its launch, it has received a range of good feedback and clients sending their thanks and appreciation of the service.

There have also been cases of outraged players contacting AskGamblers believing that the complaint system is directly responsible for those online and mobile casinos that are either unresponsive or have not processed a payment for the client.

"The AskGamblers Complaint Service exists to assist with any communication problems that may occur between players and online casinos."

One thing is certain – the AskGamblers Complaint Service solely exists to assist with any communication problems that may occur between players and casinos. If the dispute goes unsolved there is very little that the complaint department can do about.

Having said that, reading the numerous complaints submitted through this section, luckily it seems that casinos are willing to respond and generally strive to solve the situation in the best possible way.

Complaints with Successful Outcomes

One of the most tiresome conflicts that players can go through and frequently submit complaints about are slow withdrawals that can even result in not being paid at all.

"One of the most tiresome conflicts that players submit complaints about are slow on non-existent payouts."

Sometimes it will take a long back-and-forth correspondence between the sides, but the Complaint Service can help and provide an unbiased input and sometimes even help speed up the process. Ultimately, what matters the most is that the casinos respond and are willing to deal with the issues at hand.

Complaints with Unsuccessful Outcomes

The majority of issues submitted are due to unresponsive casinos and missing payouts. In these cases it is highly important that the casino responds immediately. However, looking through some issues, it is clear that some operators do not even reply or in some extreme cases, after a number of submitted complaints and after receiving confirmation of their email contact, it comes back as undelivered.

No Communication between Players and Casinos

If slow or missing payments occur, it can be very frustrating for the injured party, but there is virtually nothing more infuriating than when there is zero communication.

Unfortunately, there have also been cases when customer support is non-existent, with live chat closed and players' emails being returned as undelivered. Luckily, our Customer Complaint Service can help you there, as well – the least you can do is try, isn't it?

Have a Problem? Submit a Complaint!

Have you ever felt the need to submit a complaint? Have you gone through it? Tell us all about your experience – good or bad – at our forum.

And remember: if you are experiencing an issue with an online casino, you can always turn to the AskGamblers Complaint Service – it's here for you at all times!