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CasinoMeister video slot is powered by NextGen Gaming software and it has 5 reels and 20 pay-lines. The theme of this slot is based upon the casino players’ forum that goes under the same name, casinomeister. This slot offers thrilling features and bonuses, HD graphics, and cool sound effects. Also, the slot has a flamboyant interface and acceptable betting range. Give this slot a spin here for free or visit any of the NextGen Gaming Casinos to play for real money.

Prior to hitting the reels on this slot you will have to set the betting range. First set of "Up/Down Arrows" starting from left to right, are used to set the number of lines. Next to them there is another set of the arrows used to set Coins Size that ranges from 0.05 to 5. "Heart&Clubs" button activates gamble feature. Two arrows circling are the "Autoplay" and it is used to set the reels in motion without interruption for a desired number of times. "Play" button is used to spin the reels.

The game-play is unusual but interesting nevertheless. You will encounter a Wild symbol, a Scatter, and when it comes to special features you will encounter Unlimited Free Games bonus feature, Casino­mei­ste­rfe­ature, and a Gamble feature.

The Casinomeister himself is the Wild of the game and it can substitute for all symbols except for the scatter, the rogue symbol and behind bars symbol. The wild can also make its own winning combos if you land 2 or more of them.

The scatter symbol is the Vortran robot and it can make its own winning combos. All scatter wins are multiplied by the total amount staked. If you land 3 or more scatter symbols anywhere on the reels you can activate Free Spins feature.Once you activate this feature you will be awarded with unlimited number of spins and every win will be multiplied by 3. 

The Casinomeister feature will be activated when the rogue pig shows up on the reels during free spins.Once it does appear you will have only 5 free spins remaining. However, if rogue pig behind bars appears during those last 5 spins, the casinomeister feature will end, and unlimited free spins will be reactivated.

Gamble feature can be activated each time you land a winning combo by clicking on the "Heart&Clubs" button. Here you can double or quadruple your winnings. If you guess the color of the card you will double them, and if you guess the suit your winnings will be quadrupled. If you make a wrong guess you will lose everything and will be taken back to the base game. You are limited to 5 correct picks.

Game Play:

"Up/Down" arrows: Set the number of lines.
"Up/Down" arrows: Set the coins size.
Heart & Clubs: Activate the gamble feature.
Play: Start the reels.
Autoplay: Set the reels in motion without interruption for a chosen number of times.

CasinoMeister Slot Reviews by Players


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Casinomeister is slot game made by Nextgen. This game is very interesting, and have very interesting freespins feature, but unfortunately I am not regular player of this game, because it seems always very cold for me.

Game looks typically. There is some accredited casinos, so no rogue sign, and other things. Robots are scatters. I can't say that i am understand this theme correctly, but looks like Nextgen made slot somehow against bad casinos. Well, it is always good, and I like it!

Gameplay is regular for Nextgen. Payouts are not big, and also there is good payout for wilds, and like usually it happens wilds double wins if substitute. I never had any decent payout during regular play. Absolutely crazy, but probably even wins with 20 bets are was not for me, and i am just keep playing until I hit freespins feature.

Freespins feature is much more better and it is good chance to win money. First of all, wins in freespins are tripled, which give good chance to hit money. And moreover, basically freespins are unlimited. But of course it is not so great, and freespins can be finished when special symbol land on reel 3. Then you will have couple of spins to get another symbol on reel 3 to continue freespins, if no - then it is finished.

I played this game not much, but could say that normal play is terrible. Each time I played in normal play I am literally losing my money with each spin, and so on, and so on. So I have a suggestion to leave this game if you not hit freespins feature quickly, something like 50 spins. Otherwise you will be in trouble, and could lose your balance very fast.

I rate this game with 7 stars. Feature is good, but normal play is bad.
Very low payouts during normal play, and you literally lose money very fast.
katemak 1162 reviews
CasinoMeister has launched their own slot called as their site name, exclusively made for them. I wish AskGamblers site launches their own exclusive slot I bet it would be more fun, with more features and tons of free spins and knowing forum admin I am sure he will take good care of it, having some extra super slot game. CasinoMeister is made by NextGen software and before I played it for the first time, I don't know why I though it was from Netent software.

I played this slot several times and can’t say I am too much impressed just because of the base game it seems I couldn't win anything. On the other hand I liked the free spins feature. The free spins just keep coming and coming, like they will never stop. Well actually they will stop coming when the Rogue feature lands then your free spins stops. The first time I played this game when it was offered as a free spins from Mr. Green Casino for 20 fee spins. Well I always think that there is not much you can see how the game acts from only 20 or sometimes less free spins and always wanted to try it with my own money.

I made small deposit of 30 euros without any bonus so started to play this new game and was hoping to trigger the free spins round. While playing the base game it seemed like I couldn't win anything, completely dead or very low winnings, so the game has only eaten my credit till I triggered the free spins feature.

I won 30 free spins and managed to raise my balance to 54 euros. When I think twice from 30 free spins with bet of 0.40 cents winning only 28 euros was not that big success I guess. I continue to play with 1 euro per spin, played for a while and lost all of my credit. I played few more times, but I guess this game it’s not my cup of tea. So I will stick to my other favorites, till I see some big wins, so maybe I will change my mind and try again this game.
hajnrih 1376 reviews
CasinoMeister is a 20 payline slot game coming from NextGen. This slot game for a theme has the world famous affiliate site with the same name who gained its popularity dealing with everyday problems from online casinos. I guess the creators of the game thought it would have great popularity thanks to all the visitors on this site.

This is a standard NextGen slot not very much different from the rest. The wild symbol here substitutes for all other symbols except for the Vortran, Rogue and Behind Bars symbol. He also doubles every win which is a descent function for a wild symbol. The Vortran symbol here, who is the mascot of the site, is a scatter symbol. 3 of them activate the free spins bonus game. What makes this slot different form the rest is the chance to win indefinite free spins. When the free spins start there is no end until the Rogue symbol lands on the reels. Then you have 5 more free spins unless the Behind Bars symbol lands on the reels. Then the free spins feature is retriggered and the spins continue again until the rogue symbol lands again. If you don’t get the Behind bars symbol in the last 5 spins the bonus game ends.

This is a nice designed bonus but we all know that indefinite spins don’t really happen.
Sometimes when I get this bonus the rogue symbol lands in the first spin so I end the game with only 6 free spins which pay nothing. Other times I get about 20 to 30 free spins which pay about 30 -50 x bet. It seems to me that this game just doesn’t pay out good. For example when I start playing I go down 20$ before I get the bonus and then get like 6-7$ from the free spins. Till I get the next bonus my balance is down 40$ and I get a big win of about 20$.

So no matter how I play it my balance still drops. Maybe it’s just my luck maybe this slot just doesn’t pay.
Raptordinos 866 reviews
"CasinoMeister Slot" is a customized game based on the online forum of the same name, which is a site dedicated to assess and discuss issues primarily related to online casinos; of this slot I know two identical versions, one developed by Nextgen which is what is in this article, and the other is the version of Cryptologic - Amaya, both have a very similar behavior in terms of payouts and hit average. The most emblematic symbols are the wild which is represented with a caricature of the owner of this forum and the scatter which is depicted with the image of Vortran, which is a robot that practically arguably is the official mascot of this website; others quite representative icons are metallic Casino Meister shield, the medal "accredited casino", "no rogue" signal and of course the beer mug that it may not be missing in any event, the other symbols are represented with traditional characters of poker from 9 to A.

CasinoMeister Slot has achieved a significant level of popularity among players, and the main reasons are a pretty fair paytable, a wild symbol which not only replaces the standard symbols but also doubles profits when involved and a round of free spins unique in its kind to my knowledge, since I do not even know another slot granting an indefinite number of turns just from the time of activation, which in this game is achieved by obtaining 3 Vortran scatters; because of this round is indefinite, its completion is announced by the appearance of rogue hog scatter on reel number 3, which means that you have only 5 free more turns, but in this time it might appear the same pig behind bars on reel 3 too, then your feature is re-triggered until a new occurrence of rogue hog, and that's not all, additionally winnings during this feature are tripled. When I played this slot, sometimes feature ended fast, something like up to about 12-15 spins, but sometimes I could get up just over 45 free games, everything depends on luck of your day .

In my view, this slot is a tribute to the long and arduous work made by Casino Meister since 1998 and that must be the reason why this slot is equipped with such a powerful and attractive features, that do not guarantee player’s victory, but at least they seem to provide a chance to win.
I have seen this game many times before and actually opened it once but did not spin because I really did not like it. It is not like I’m fussy with the games; I just had a feeling that this game is not going to pay so I quit.

So recently I was on InterCasino and was doing really good, I had around €300 and had a big bonus to play through. Most of the games I tried were giving me bonuses, so I decided to give this game a shot. I was betting 2 coins and on my third spin I got three robots on the last three reels. I did not know what to expect but had my fingers crossed, hoping for a big win. The free spins started I would be getting reasonable wins here and there. Sometimes I would get few wilds with a pig and win over €20 and at all times be expecting the free spins to finish. Before I knew it I had played over 30 free spins and they weren't stopping and the red pig would be coming out often and giving good pays. Then finally after 52 free spins the feature was over and total of my win was €113. Now that is what I call a surprise, it was awesome, and all this time I have been avoiding this game. I found out later that the red pig gives you 5 last spins, but if you get it again it goes back to unlimited spins, kind of like X-Men.

I told this story to my wife later that day and she wanted to try the game. After about 10 spins she got the feature and ended up with 27 free spins with a total win on €40. Pretty awesome in my view because most of the games out there only give you 10 free spins, some of the new ones give 5 spins.

The graphics are cool and fun and the game play is really good. I can honestly say that the two times I played this game I really enjoyed myself.
There is no stop button, and I would love to double tap on this game. Over all a great game with a lot of potential. My rating 8 out of 10.
Anyone who’s looking for safe online gambling owes a lot to websites such as Casinomeister and AskGamblers. I’m a member of both and always do my research before signing up at an online casino. The Casinomeister slot is based on that website, the owner (Bryan) and some of his interests.

Maybe soon we can look forward to an AskGamblers slot as well? It certainly would be pretty awesome! I believe the Casinomeister slot has been existing for a while now, but back then it was produced by Cryptologic if I’m not mistaken.

However, this game is produced by NextGen and is quite similar but offers 5-reels and 20-paylines instead of 30. The symbols are filled up with Bryan himself, Vortran (scatter), Accredited casinos, No Rogues symbol and much more objects most members of the Casinomeister portal are definitely familiar with. I must say they did a pretty good job with this game.

It’s quite entertaining and has metal music on the background. Minimum bet is only 20 cents, but I played it on 1 euro bets most of the time. During base game I managed a few good wins of more than 50x bet size. Best combo of course would be five wilds on a payline, but let’s not get carried away with that thought.Had a few times with 3 wilds but nothing more.

Only tried this game a couple of times though. What I liked very much is the free spins feature though, which can be triggered when you get 3 or more scatters. During free spins some exciting metal music is played (and I’m not a metal fan but this was GOOD!). You get awarded an unlimited amount of free spins with a 3x multiplier.

Beware of the pig symbol (rogue casino owner) on reel 3. If he appears, then all of a sudden you only have five free games remaining. But if the behind bars pig symbol (rogue casino owner in jail) appears, then it turns into an unlimited number again.

The feature is very exciting and the number of free spins can go a long way. I one time had like 19 free spins, which ended up in me winning more than 180 euros. I like this slot and certainly would recommend checking it out.
Nothing to dislike really. Dope game!
paquito76 867 reviews
Well, some help is needed for me because though I’ve known and played this slot for a long time but so far I really haven’t found the common ground for the symbols the game uses and the obvious theme of the game is also a secret for me. We can play here with symbols called Vortram, Rogue, Behind the Bars, Caricature, beer, special Casinomeister icons but I really don’t know how they connected to the game or each other so I can only tell my opinion about the appearance of the game. The interface is very colourful but didn’t become overdone and with the solid design they just upgrade the look of the reel area. I like the style of the card elements and though there very different kind of symbols but looking at them none of them are out of sync or make me feel to unfitting to the game so I have to say the graphics and the visualization of the entire screen is very decent and it’s a solid work.

10.000 coins are the main prize what we can win by a line and we need the help of Wilds to get it and this multifunctional symbol also can help us out if it fulfill its secondary job and substitutes for other symbol and then doubles the wins. Robot is the Scatter and pays up to 100 times of total bet but I never really got more than 3 of them but at least they activated the free spin feature. That segment of the game is not a bad one because theoretically we get unlimited number of extra spins with a decent x3 win multiplier attribute and we must hope there that Rouge (a bad face pig) symbol won’t appear for a while because if it does it means just 5 free games left but if a Behind Bars character appear during that last 5 spins the Casinomeister feature is re-triggered.

Fortunately, sometimes this ugly character just stays away for long time and with tripled prizes the session can be profitable because the better paying winning combinations also show themselves and the excitement just grows when some nicer combination arrives. I had maybe just one or two times when the feature is re-activated so when the ‘hated’ character gets along there is a very big chance for the side game is really going to finish in short time. Sadly, the slot doesn’t offer a traditional meaning bonus game but at least we can complement this hiatus with the great gambling feature.

I think it’s not a bad game at all as it works really well and I can’t complain anything because the game settings are fair and has correct behavior. On the other side somehow this slot is not a captivating one and hasn’t got the ability to be a real entertaining slot so I hardly imagine that someone would name it as one of the favourite product. There are nothing else that I really would want from this game just to know what is the real theme what this slot is built around or try to represent.

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