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Head out into the open battlefield in 300 Shields. This video slot, inspired by the ancient conflicts of the Greeks, proves the value of your strength and rewards you with huge payouts. Check it out for free right here. If you want to play for real money, sign up at any reputable NextGen Gaming casino.

Begin your gameplay by selecting how you want to bet. Click the - and + buttons by Lines to change the number of active paylines. Do the same thing by Bet to adjust the wager per line. Click Max Lines to activate every payline. When you're ready, press Spin.

Wild warriors start this game off right by making your line wins come much more easily. The real fortune, though, comes from the Shield Feature. Get three or more scattered shields to activate the free spins, wherein more shields equals more spins and an increased multiplier for getting a warrior. With the chance to boost the multiplier for warrior wins to 300x, it's no wonder this game is so popular.

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Lines: Change the number of active paylines.
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Max Lines: Activate every line.
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Fiekie247 206 reviews
South Africa
300 shield is another slot by NextGen that could provide huge wins. Whenever I start playing this game, some voice in my mind says "Hector", which takes me back to the classic 2004 Troy movie of Brad Pitt. Even though I think this game was based on the movie 300 which has the legendary Gerrard Butler as an actor.

This games theme are based on war objects including the highest paid symbol being Wild which is a warrior. I like the animation of the warrior wild when it appears in a winning combination. This game game's 300x multiplier attracted me the most, because I checked out some videos and saw what this game could do with that multiplier on a minimum bet. The lower payout symbols are from a deck of cards with an arrow pierced through it. I have to say the base game payout is very low, even for 4 symbols and winnings are not that often either which is a downside for me.

3 or more scattered shield icons triggers the battle feature free spins. You are awarded with 5 free spins and during those spins you collect scattered shield icons. If you accrued 5 scattered symbols you advance to the next level with a higher multiplier and additional 5 spins and you have to repeat the same until you get to the 300 multiplier with 5 free spins. Now be aware the multiplier only awards when wild is in a winning combination.

I normally just get to 2 levels and out of the blue I was on 5 free spins with 300x multiplier and minimum bet. This was the moment of truth and I thought I would bag a decent win, make no mistake, not 1 wild in any of my winnings combination during those spins, extremely disappointed. Even gave this game a break for a few months as I kept of thinking what could have happened if I just had 1 win with wild and at least 3 symbols on a payline, even if it meant it was A or K symbol.

I would recommend this game and its worth a try and who knows maybe your luck will be better than mine.
zerooo 742 reviews
300 Shields is game which could provide big winnings and it is powered by NextGen Gaming software. It has 25 paylines. The design is good so as the sounds, music.

I played this game mostly at Videoslots casino, I tried to play it a couple of times on minimum bets which is set to 0.25€. The main game looks ok, but it could be better. When I played I had only small winnings during base game, I expected to win more sometimes.

The free spins feature here is very interesting since you can win up to x300 multiplier. I had a few times free games, but the results were not so good. Around x30 bet every time, some time a little less than x60. To receive x300 multiplier you must collect shields. Each shield during free spins increases your counter, awarding additional free games with higher multiplier. I saw some videos where players got this huge multiplier at the end for 5 free games, but the payout was not so good since there where only low payout symbols on the reels.

This multiplier is hard to get. I played many times, but never received it. I think you need to have good bankroll to play this game. Many times I lost the money very quickly without having any free games.

Otherwise I like this game since the potential is good into feature. It could provide great big wins if you have luck on x300 multiplier for the last 5 free games. I like this game also because it is unique; there are no clones or something like this. I think I will play it even in the future, when I will have my balance in good ratio. I don't think I would play it if my balance is low, because it can eat your money really fast.
300 shields is slot game made by Nextgen. I could not say that I like this game much, it is probably one of the most rare Nextgen games I am playing, just because it is hard to achieve nice win it, and without freespins feature game just destroying balance without chances to come back.

Game looks good, and sounds are also great. I do like here soundtrack, do like animations on shields and wilds, but nothing really interesting about what I would like to write.

Gameplay is absolutely boring and not interesting during normal play. All payouts are terrible low, and it is hard to get any even 10 bets win during it. I am hate to play this game when it just not giving feature, because money gone from account balance very fast.

Free games feature is very interesting and it is where is possible to win good money. Free spins triggered when 3 or more scattered shields appear anywhere. During free games there is multistage feature, which require to collect scatter to advance on new level. Each new level bring more multiplier for wins with wilds. 4th stage have x 300 multiplier with wilds, and this is where you should get awesome wins.

I am was at 300x stage only once. And it was terrible. When I hit it, my heart was beating like crazy, because I had 5 free spins with x 300 multiplier for wild. But I was always in tears when 5 free spins ended, and i do not have any wins with wilds after all. I had once more than 100 bets win, on 25 x multiplier stage, but it is of course should be much more better on x 300 stage. Most features for sure ending on first or second stage, and it is another pity fact.

I rate this game with 7 stars.
Very low payouts during normal play. Feature is not guarantee anything. Even on x300 multiplier you can win small or zero.
blondie 1081 reviews
I am not afraid to say that 300 Shields is my favorite game from Nextgen Gaming software. There are a few games from this software that I like a lot and this is the best one of them. Usually I wouldn't be a fan of the whole warrior theme, but this slot has great graphics and simple yet enjoyable design.

One of the most important reasons why play this slot is because of its payouts. I've seen more than plenty winner screenshots from fellow AskGamblers from this game because of a free spins round and I find it very encouraging and a good PR for the game. This slot has 5 reels and 25 paylines and as for the bonus round it has free spins. Usually the free spins aren't too hard to trigger. You need to get at least 3 scatters on wherever on the screen to get them. And then starts the fun part. For 3 scatters you get 5 free spins. In them wild symbol or the warrior winnings get twice multiplied. If you get at least 2 scatters within those 5 spins (there's a shield meter, where you see that) you'll get another 5 free spins, but there warrior winnings will be 5 times multiplied. To get to next free spins parts you'll need to get more scatters, but overall the multiplier for warrior winnings is up to 300 x and that's something I haven't seen before.

Even though this game has no other bonus round, it is very interesting to play. There's also a gamble option, if you feel lucky and want to risk your winnings and if fortunate, double or even 4 x increase them. I don't use that option though. In this slot there are also wilds that substitute for all symbols except scatters so it is really great to see them as much as possible. My personal record win on this slot is over 150 x I think, it was when I was on the stage with 25 x multiplied warrior winnings, I can never get up to the last stage but I think it will happen.

With this game I have had lots of nice sessions and even though I haven't reached over 200 x bet winnings there so far, I am not giving up because I know this game has a huge winning potential. I love it and there’s nothing bad to say.
raverbabe 559 reviews
United Kingdom
This is the first game I tried out from NextGen, and I remember it well because it was at Corals and I was playing with bonus money and was yet to learn that quite often bonus money can only be used in certain sections of casinos or on games from certain providers…. Terms and conditions, important in every facet of life but I honestly can’t think of one where there are the sheer number of pitfalls you’ll find when playing bonuses at on-line casinos! Some of these outfits even make those payday lenders look like legit institutions!

I’m definitely glad I did try this game because I’ve since become a big fan of NextGen games and often play them wherever they are available as an alternative to the likes of Microgaming and NetEnt. NextGen always seem to have decent paytables and some nice features included in their games, and there's less cloned and re-badged games as well, I find the majority of their output are unique slot games not just copies of their other titles, which is nice.
The big selling point of 300 shields is meant to be the maximum 300x multiplier during the free spins round, and its actually easier to get to it than you might think – trouble is, most of the times you do, you won’t win anything whatsoever as you have just five spins and need a combination with a wild in it to get the 300x multiplier – clearly, any prize whatsoever, even a lowly 3 of a kind that normally pays you out 2x your bet is going to be a nice hit with this multiplier, but its so depressing when you make it to the final stage of the bonus round, have the “All wins with [wild] pay 300x prize!” and don’t hit a single thing :( Nevertheless, the one time you do hit something big, if it’s a five of a kind, your certainly looking at a total score of a couple of thousand times your stake minimum, and that to me is always something to get excited about, so 300 shields is definitely one to try out!
katemak 1162 reviews
300 Shields, I really like the name of the game it sounds so powerful like this game is made for me or I might win something decent from it. I don't know why but I always thought that 300 Shields is game made from Netent provider, but I guess I was wrong, this guys made very good job NextGen platform. From all I have read and see some winner screenshots from this game I must admit I was really surprised what this game has to offer.

But of course there is a catch in that, seeing that this game can award X 300 of the bet amount yes, but you need to be extremely lucky to trigger that and that will happened if getting those 4 level shields in the free spins feature. The game has free spins feature but also 4 levels of it and to get those astonishing X 300 bet you need to get to that 4th level. I have tried to play this game several times.

The base game was awful, not giving me anything or only dead spins, I only once triggered the free spins feature giving me only 5 free spins. Have to say I was really disappointed of the amount of the free spins this game is offering, but of course if that feature awards you with X 300 the bet, there must be less free spins.

I have never reached that 4th level and I really want to reach it having those free spins with great multiplier is really great big amount of money. Well I hope someday or when will have bigger amount of money so I could play this slot. What made me playing this game seeing some nice winning screenshots, so I wanted to try, but I guess same goes as for the DOA and 300 Shields you need to play this game very often and spend much money and time to see some benefit of it? Great slot will keep on trying hopefully will hit something bigger.
hajnrih 1376 reviews
Everyone who loves history has heard of the legendary bravery of the 300 Spartan soldiers who gave their lives to defend their country from the 10 000 Persian army hording their borders. The Spartans were the most combat nation of all Ancient Greece and there are many legends that follow their brave deeds.

300 Shileds is a slot game that has this very battle as a theme. You can see that from the symbols in the game like a Spartan soldier, Persian soldiers, Persian was ships. This is a 25 payline 5 reel slot with a very interesting gameplay and bonus feature. The wild symbol is a Persian soldier or maybe King Leonidas himself. The scatter symbol is a Spartan Shield and like in all games this is the symbol you want to see most. The symbols have a low paytable and during base play you get small to medium wins. I don’t think I have ever seen a big win in this game during base play. I have spent hours and hours playing this slot. The main reason for that is the enormous winning potential this slot game has. In my opinion this is a better slot than DOA with a more fun gameplay and an extreme bonus round. This game only offers free spins which are triggered if you get 3 or more scatters on the reels. The bonus is a progressive bonus and has 4 stages. To unlock every next stage you have to collect a number of shields. The stages are divided into 5 spins and as you unlock each stage the multiplier increases. The last stage unlocks a multiplier of 300 x win that has a wild symbol in it, so the wilds are something you want to see a lot in the last stage.

My biggest win on this game was about 350$ on a minimum bet. I managed to unlock all stages and I got a wild symbol with a small win but the multiplier did its job. Imagine playing on a high 1.25 bet and getting some 5 of a kind win with a wild. The ultimate payout.
Afi4wins 1237 reviews
If I don’t look at the game and just listen to the winning sound effects, I’d be thinking that I’m playing my favourite game Dolphin Reef instead! Exactly the same sound effects, complete with the ringing bell when you get the free spins. Could this be a forthcoming favourite of mine? Who knows?! The graphics are very nicely done too, although not astonishing or astounding, and I love the swaying of the weeds (if that’s what they are) in the foreground, making me sway with the game! Up…down…win…lose! No star down or up.

A free spins feature that pays up to 300x your wins? OMG! I’ve never seen nor heard of anything like this before. It’s simply out of this world! But as always, there’s always a catch to it, and one of them is the extremely low paytable for all the symbols, except for the Wilds and the Scatters, purely to balance out the extremely high win multiplier. Very logical and makes good sense! The Wild symbol has a 1000x line bet win while the Scatter symbol pay up to 100x total bet amount. Now this is what I like – paying Wilds and Scatters – unlike most other games, and although they don’t pay very much by themselves, the possibility of getting them multiplied by up to 300x in the free spins can certainly result in super huge wins indeed! No star down or up.

The free spins feature game have 4 levels of achievement, each higher level increasing the win multiplier from 2x to 5x, 25x and finally up to 300x times bet amount! Super marvellous this! All you need to get is just 3 scatters to trigger off the free spins, and win 5x your bet amount. More triggering scatters would pay much more in wins but the free spins quantity remains at 5 free spins. Yes, it looks very little initially, but you’ll get more free spins quite easily during the free spins play. If you’re really lucky, you’ll even reach the 4th level and get 300x the bet amount for each and every win in the additional 5 free spins! This is definitely the best feature of 300 Shields. No star down or up.

The worst part is, I couldn’t make a win from the few attempts I played 300 Shields. But just as with Playtech’s game Dolphin Reef, timing and luck is everything, and I haven’t reach that stage yet. One day soon, I hope, I could start making wins on 300 Shields on a regular basis as I could with Dolphin Reef. I have a feeling that these two games are very similar to one another but on different platforms! Another super game from NetEnt, and one of the best too, but no win from me means 1 star down.
valentin68 535 reviews
I have avoided writing this review because I was under the impression, from those who played before me here, that this is a good slot. The slot “300 Shields” can be found on multiple gaming platforms, but I guess there are not many differences between its various versions. I played first “300 Shields” in a NetEnt casino and after dozens of spins I quit the game disappointed. After about two weeks I played again this slot this time in Amaya casinos and now I had patience to start winning something. For this reason this review is on the page of the Amaya version of the slot.

A lot of people before me said that playing at this slot sometimes you will win a lot. This is true, but equally true is that this happens very, very rarely, and before you will start winning you will lose even more. Let me try to explain this. The announced return of the slot is somewhere around 95 %, but this is of course only an average. Playing this slot you can easily lose 50 Euro for each 100 Euro gambled before winning big, and this large variation from the average return is called a high volatility. I personally do not like the slots that have high volatility because although you can win a lot, this rarely happens. You might as well lose all you money available before you get all those big wins.

Now a few words about the slot itself and about how the game is played. The story behind this slot is probably that of the Battle of Thermopylae where only a few hundred Greeks held back the enormous army of the Persians. In general the wins from the normal spins are lower than the total bet, and only occasionally you can have a higher win. But the slot offers a Free Spins round, when the number of Free Spins and the attached multiplier is increased if in the previous spins have been gathered enough Shields. Thus one can reach a multiplier value of 5x, 25x or 300x. On average, you gather enough shields to reach the 5x multiplier and sometimes even the 25x. Yet to enter in the Free Spins round can be very difficult sometimes (I got this round first time after playing nearly 300 spins). Moreover, even if wins are high, still they will not be enough in some cases to offset the losses you had before.

In my opinion even if sometimes the slot provides that thrill that the player wants to feel, in many cases is leading to excessive losses. There are similar progress games (when in normal spins you lose big and then in Free Spins you win even bigger) that are much better (i.e. the slot “Scrooge” from Micorgaming casinos).
Like I said, many wins are very small, the Free Spins round is triggered with difficulty, and in addition there are similar slots much better than this.
yapro 790 reviews
As netent fan, i am should note that it is not netent game. Actually, it is hard to decide who create this game, because first long time ago it appeared on eucasino, and this is where i found it. Eucasino using slots from skill-on-net/nextgen/and now WMS. Since skill-on-net slots is really bad, and 300 shields it is not WMS, i believe this is nextgen game. It is also appeared at every casino which had a lot of slots, like guts casino for example, and there it is written microgaming quickfire. So i really can not 100% sure say who is owner for this game.

I like this slot, i believe we can put this game in line with dead or alive or break da bank again, but apart from this game, here is base game is super boring, even 5 wilds will not pay x 100 total bet, and this is sick. But on free spins, every player can get x300 multiplier for wins with wild, and 5 wilds with x300 multiplier will pay... I did not know how much it will pay, it will be awesome amount of money. I am not big fan on this slot, but i get few mins more than x 1000 total bet on this slot. But few times i lost around 200 euros on my account playing 0.25 bet, which is horrible experience of course.

Conclusion: Good game, but variance is very big. Also it is boring game, if you did not get free spins, there is nothing interesting to see and wait. 6 stars, for high variance.I think i had good time with this slot, as i told i get few huge wins, and overall i am win more than lose, but i try not open this slot anymore, after last two attempts with around 100$ at 0.25 bets and losing all my balance, i decide to stop feed this game.
cocopop3011 264 reviews
United Kingdom
I first played 300 Shields at a Skill On Net Casino, and if you are familiar with these casinos you will know that a lot of their slots have a minimum coin denomination of 0.05p making a 25 line slot £1.25 a spin and a 50 line slot £2.50 a spin. I was playing from a £10 no deposit bonus so I knew if I played a slot that required a minimum bet of £1.25 a spin it would literally be gone in under a minute - Lucky for me 300 shields allowed you to reduce your bet to the very minimum of 0.01p so a very decent 25p a spin.

I landed the free spins quite quickly but only manager to get to the second stage of the spins - but seeing that a possible 5 free spins were up for grabs with a x300 multiplier I simply had to keep playing it and it wasn't long before the free spins came in AGAIN. Still no luck though with the last stage of the free spins.

I was doing my wagering and winning little things here and there after about an hour of play and many sets of free spins later I finally got the winning set. Passed the first and second stage with flying colors and was up to the x25 multiplier and then I couldn't believe it I had collected enough shields to open up the final set of free spin with the x300 multiplier. I immediately shouted to my partner to quickly come and watch. In order to have the x300 multiplier you have to hit a win with the Wild Gladiator symbol - my second spin it was literally like a three symbol win with the wild and it gave me just over £130 (APPROX) I was so excited I had three more of these babies left to spin - thought I was finally going to take in my first million - didn't have a single win with the wild! Gutted - I think I won just over £150 from the set free spins - but this allowed me to meet me wagering and withdrew £100 from the no deposit bonus!
The x300 Feature is almost impossible to get - I have had it once and never again and its not through the want of trying!
sencize 193 reviews
Bosnia and Herzegovina
When it comes to 300 shields slot i am big fan.I play it very often in netent powered casinos which is a bit confusing since when it loads it displays quick fire like some microgaming slots.In fact this slot resembles a lot to one of my favorite microgaming slots Crocodopolis.It seems that same company made them both i am not sure tough.

300 shields is a 25 pay lines slot which has ancient theme.I think that the number 300 is there to represent like in the movie 300 warriors of Sparta that held entire army of Persians who come to invade their country.Symbols consist of several weapons,warriors,war boats and wild symbol that substitutes for all except shield scatter iswarrior.Now the number 300 is not just in a name because you can win 300x multiplier in free games!!You first triggerbattle feature(free spins) when you get 3 or more shield scatters.Then you win 5 free games with warrior wild wins doubled.If you manage to collect 2 shields more in this stage you go to next five free spins with wild wins x5.For third stage you need 6 shields and the multiplier on warrior wins is 25x.For final five free spins you need 12 shields and amazing multiplier on warrior wins is 300x.I only managed to make it to final stage of battle feature once and won amazing sum of 400 euros with 1.25 euro bet.I must mention that before that i played for few days with just small wins in base game.

The free games don't trigger often but when they do they have great winning potential and that is the reason i play this slot very often.You can set your bet per spin to 25 cents and with that small amount win big if you are lucky to trigger free spins and make it to final stage.

My grades for 300 shields are as follows.Payouts 8/10,fun on this slot is 7/10 and win big with small bets chance i rate 10/10
Oh well, 300 shields is the slot from nextgame, which can be easily found on any skill on net casino, or any everymatrix casino like casinoluck, for example( hope they pay me something for promoting them here, xD).

Honestly, this is probably my favorite online slot, and i love to play it, i play it every time i can. This slot can make you rich, i think it is had even higher variance then dead or alive from net entertainment. So, if you decide to give this slot a shot, here is my warning: better play at minimum bet, or 0.50 max, because ifyou decide to play at 1.25 per spin, this slot can take all your money in no time, and even you enter it with 1k$ on balance, it can eat this all and does not give you anything nice. Also you can become mad guy with it, due to really, absolutely high variance, even in free spins.

I should say that i love graphic and sound on this slot, and i love everything about it, really, i have a friend, who told me that it is his favorite slot. I decide to try it too, and now this is my favorite slot too. Everything with this slot make me nervous, because i had ABSOLUTELY CRAZY SESSIONS WITH IT. Sometimes i had 10-15 deposits without achieving last stage on freespins. Imagine... But usually then coming this x 300 multiplier ( last stage, to achieve it you need to collect 12 shields on 3 stages before, total it 15 spins, if you did not hit retrigger, so this is possible, hard, very hard, but come on, x 300 multiplier, of course it hard). My best win on this slot was 2.025$ on 0.50 bet. More than 4k x total bet. You can not imagine what i feel when hit it. I just stand up from my chair and start dancing xD

This is amazing slot. I love it. What else should i say.
300 Shields is one of those slots games which is really worth a shot. The slot reminds me of movies like Troy, 300 and The Gladiator. The theme resembles the warriors or gladiators you would usually find in such movies, while symbols consist of shields, arrows, boats, warriors and card symbols.

I'm not sure who produced this game, but I do remember playing it at several online casinos where Net Ent was the main provider, but it doesn't look like a Net Entertainment game to me. 300 Shields has 25-paylines and 5 reels. The minimum bet is €0.25 but I usually used to play it with my average bet size of €1 per spin. The wins during base game are somewhat limited. It often pays less than your bet size up to 5x bet size.

The warrior symbol is a wild while the shield symbol is the scatter. You need 3 or more shields to activate the free spins.
That's when the fun really starts and when you can see what type of potential this slot has. You only receive 5 free spins though in the beginning and a 2x multiplier for all warrior wins. But if you collect more shields you'll earn more free spins, and the multiplier changes from 5x, 25x up to 300x as you collect more shields.

In addition these free spins can be retriggered. It's really difficult to get the last stage, which has a 300x multiplier but that's the final goal. It's easy to win big with such a high multiplier. I never came further than the 25x multiplier though.

My biggest wins up to this day are 100x, 130x and 175x bet size from the free spins. Overall it's a really nice and exciting game to play with a theme I'm sure many appreciate.

Final rating for 300 Shields is 8/10

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