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Why Online Casinos with a Good Reputation Differ from the Rest

Why Online Casinos with a Good Reputation Differ from the Rest

Trying out a new online casino is all fine and dandy—not to mention exciti­ng!­—except you can't always be sure what exactly you're getting right off the bat. While there's indeed a world of top-notch online casinos out there, there's just as many bogus casinos you should try your best to steer clear of. So, how will you know you've come across an online casino with a good reputation and worth your time? That's what we're sharing with you today. Don't worry it's not rocket science, but our tips might help a lot!

Check the Casino's License

All right, let's start from the beginning. You've just entered a brand new casino you've never played at. It's new, it's shiny, it's full to the brim with the latest games by your favourite game developers. In short: you love it. Great! However, you want to make sure the place is legit. Where do you look? Usually at the footer. Why? Because that's where you'll find the casino's license.

"Look for the casino's license in the footer of the websit­e—l­icensed casinos are the only way to go."

Licensed casinos will guarantee you loads—for example, that there is no money laundering schemes involved and that it's legal and safe to play there. You can always double check the authenticity of the license, too. Just hop on to the licensee's website and look for the casino in question. Even ask for a verification via live chat, if need be. The more carefully you inspect the casino's license, the safer you'll feel. Simple as that.

Responsive and Helpful Customer Support

We've talked about this one recently in a separate blog post solely dedicated to the importance of good customer support and we are not going to skip it this time, either. Long story short: any respectable casino will do everything in their power to be at your service.

If their goal is to take care of you, carefully dissect whatever issue you might be experiencing and work diligently to fix the problem for you, then such a casino is definitely one you can rely on.

Study Their Bonuses

Let's cut straight to the chase: if a casino bonus sounds too good to be true, it probably is. That is why reputable online casinos won't try to get in your face with huge numbers and glitzy promises that sound a bit too unrealistic. While their bonuses might be a tad lower, their wagering requirements will also be more easily achievable.

"It's better to claim a smaller bonus that you can easily roll over, than use an unrealistically huge one you can hardly play through."

What that essentially means is that you'll be able to play a bonus through without much difficulty and get to keep your winnings. Let's face it: that's heaps better than a flashy bonus that ultimately robs you of your money.

Look for Awards and Certificates

This part may seem similar to the license bit, but trust us—it's not quite the same. Namely, the best online casinos will go a step further and, if they're really the cream of the crop, they'll have something to show for it. Like an award from the iGaming industry or, slightly more frequently, a certificate issued by an unbiased third party.

"If a casino is really the best of the best, it'll have awards and certificates to show for it."

Furthermore, if there is a stamp that their games are regularly audited and tested for fairness, it's always a good sign. You'll want your casino fair and your online slots unbiased and seals of approval will guarantee that's exactly what you're getting. One of the most surefire ways to check the trustworthiness and quality of a casino? The prestigious Certificate of Trust! If a casino has it, you're in safe hands!

Available on Multiple Devices

Way back when it was enough for a casino to be available on your desktop. Nowadays, not so much. As we're more often than not on our smartphones these days, we want to be able to do everything we usually do on our computers on our mobile phones and tablets. That is why leading online casinos today will also have a mobile version of the casino. Or, if they're not a fully equipped mobile casino (yet), at the very least they'll have a responsive design which will allow you to access their selection of mobile slots on the go.

Soon it'll probably be unimaginable for a casino not to have its mobile counterpart. Heck, there are even special mobile casino apps cropping up all over the place already! The future, quite simply, is mobile.

Tell Us Your Experience

What do you think are the most important features of a decent online casino? What sets a respectable casino apart from the rest? Do you tend to choose Certified Casinos over those without the Certificate of Trust? Tell us how you feel about the subject—we're eagerly waiting to hear from you!

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