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Download casinos may seem like a thing of the past, but there are still plenty that allows you to download their software. Some players still enjoy the option to download so we've found all the download casinos and listed them below for you to take a look.

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With a high diversity of iGaming offers on the rise, more and more online casinos are taking a fresh perspective on building their casino platforms. Adopting this approach, they are actively creating a palette of accessibility options for everyone who visits their casinos. Still, that's not all; with the idea of fashioning the most user-friendly player options, casinos are taking an up-to-the-minute approach to their modern user, giving their best to live up to the players' standards.

The already-existing abundance of various online casinos is, as it appears, an ever-growing niche that’s helping everyone find their right fit. What do download casinos have to do with all that? Stay with us to find out. 

NOTE: Every casino on this list has satisfied rigorous CasinoRank parameters. 

What is a Download Casino?

Download casinos are gaming platforms that can be downloaded as software on your computer or desktop device. Once downloaded, it will then be stored so you can complete the simple installation process which has been designed for you to access the casinos full gaming collection. 

There’s no denying the fact that download casinos are no longer very popular but there are still some advantages which we’ll show you below. The other way to play, which you’re probably more familiar with, is no download casinos where you play straight through a web or mobile browser. 

Main Differences Between Download and No Download Casinos

The main difference between these two types of casinos is that Download Casinos must be ‘downloaded’ whereas No Download Casinos (instant-play) are accessed instantly through a compatible browser. The old school approach of downloading games software was very popular years ago as it would give players access to every game when some no download casinos only offered limited games. 

Nowadays, as technology has advanced so has instant play. No download casinos are now able to offer their full portfolio of games through a browser, completely eliminating the need to download software. 

Compatibility Issues 

Another difference between the two types of casinos is compatibility. Nowadays most instant play casinos are compatible across multiple platforms like desktop, laptop and Mac. If you’re using a PC it’ll need certain requirements, like storage spaces but chances are you’ll be able to download it fine. 

However, if you’re a Mac or Linux user then you may not be able to download the files needed to install the software. We’ll touch more on this subject further down the page. 

Is Downloading Casino Software Safe?

Absolutely, but only at the right casino! You should make sure that the casino you’re playing in is fully licensed and regulated. Be mindful of casinos that aren’t which include blacklisted and rogue casinos that can potentially install viruses and malware on your device. 

If you stick with reputable casinos that are licensed and clearly display this information you should not have any safety concerns when it comes to downloading their software. 

How to Know if a Casino is Safe for Download

Our catalogue of casinos are all fully licensed and regulated, but the web is still home to rogue casinos that can be difficult to spot. One of the most prominent ways to see if a casino is safe for download is by checking if they are licensed.

This information is usually displayed at the bottom of the casino or in their terms and conditions. Licensing bodies include the Malta Gaming Authority, Curacao and the UK Gambling Commission. If you cannot find this information then we would advise you to avoid downloading the software and find a more reputable casino. 

Check for eCOGRA Approved

If you’ve chosen a casino that is fully licensed and regulated, this is already a good indicator that the software is safe to download. However, another thing you can look out for is whether or not the casino is eCOGRA approved. 

This is an internationally approved testing agency that ensures player protection. You will usually find the seal of approval somewhere at the bottom of the casino's web page. If you see it, this should give you peace of mind that the software is not about to cause any damage to your device. 

What Type of Operating System Do I Need to Play in a Download Casino?

Most download casinos are available to use on the latest version of Windows but you will need to make sure you have enough storage space. Bear in mind the files required usually don’t take up much space. Your computer should tell you if you don’t have the requirements needed to download the software. 

If you are a Mac or Linux user then you may have to search a bit harder to find a download casino that suits your operating system. It’s not impossible though, so just take a look through our catalogue of casinos till you find the right one. 

If I Download the Software, Do I Need Internet Connection to Play the Games?

There is often a misconception that once you download the software, you won’t need internet access to play, but you do! Make sure you have a reliable and stable internet connection so you can play your games uninterrupted. 

You will not be able to play games for real without an internet connection. A good Wifi connection will allow you to play your favourite games seamlessly and loading times are generally faster with a download casino too. 

Can I Use Wi-Fi or Mobile Data?

Any kind of internet connection will usually support a download casino and once you have downloaded the software, the same will apply to enjoy the games. However, the faster your internet connection, the faster the game speeds. 

If you are using mobile data you should be aware that it may use a lot of data so check any charges with your mobile provider first. If you have a data cap on your Wi-Fi, you should also check this to avoid any additional charges. 

How to Download Casino Software

Different casinos may have different processes however, it's usually very straightforward and is pretty much the same across all casinos. It shouldn’t take very long but this will depend on your device and internet connection. 

You will be required to click their ‘download’ link and then be prompted to click on ‘Run’. From here you should follow the on-screen instructions and once downloaded click ‘Install’. This will then be saved on your desktop with an icon you can click to launch the casino when you want to play.

Which Desktop and Mobile Devices Can Be Used for Playing in Download Casinos?

You can use your desktop and laptops in a download casino as long as they have an operating system that supports the download, like Windows. All of the latest devices should support the software however if you’re playing on an old device you will need to check the requirements.

Mobile devices will not normally support a download as they do not facilitate this option. However, if this is the case you can either look to play through a mobile browser or see if the casino has a mobile app that works much in the same way as a download casino.

Main Benefits of Downloading a Casino

One of the main benefits of a download casino is faster loading times and better graphics as they are not dependent on streaming quality. When you download a new casino, games should load faster but it still depends on the speed of your internet connection at the time. 

When it comes to the quality of gameplay, a download casino has an advantage as they often offer better graphics and sound effects. Some download casinos may also be customisable so you can edit the look and feel and make it more personal.

Bigger Game Collection

Another benefit of a download casino is a bigger game collection; however, most casinos will now offer their entire portfolio of games on instant play too. 

Back when download casinos were more popular, you could only access the full game collection through their software. But new technology now means casinos can offer them through a web browser too. When you choose a download casino you can check with the casino's customer support whether or not their download has more games than their instant play.

Download Casinos vs. No Download Casinos Saga: What Has Changed? 

A lot has changed in recent years with nearly every online casino offering instant play instead of download. Years ago you’d get a much better experience using a download casino and was the only way to access all of their game offerings. 

However, it didn’t take long for no download casinos to gain popularity, it was easier, quicker and more convenient. Casinos took all this on board and started upgrading their instant play versions, some completely dissolving their download. Technology has advanced a lot, and casinos have most certainly grown with it.

Check Out Our Catalogue of Best Download Casinos

Taking all that into consideration, how you prefer to play is entirely up to you. This is why we have listed all the download casinos on this page so you can have a browse and see which ones work best for you. Enjoy! 


What are download casinos?

Download casinos are online casinos that require you to download separate software to your device. With apps, players can enjoy these casinos without an active internet connection. This type of online casino is much older than their mobile, flash counterparts, but they are still around and aren’t likely to go away any time soon.

Are download casinos better than playing online?

It boils down to your preference. Players who prefer download casinos argue that this type of online casino lets you play without the internet or with a slow internet connection.

How to download a casino?

It’s easy. As a rule of thumb, online casinos that work as download casinos tend to catch your eye with a link that leads to the app store. It would be super hard not to notice that “download” button.

What are the main benefits of downloading a casino?

The main benefit of downloading a casino is that it lets you play without an internet connection. Unlike mobile casinos, download casinos let you enjoy everything they offer, even if you’re running on a slow connection or have no internet connection.

Can you download casinos via mobile?

Of course, you can. Download software is usually designed as mobile-first, so you should have no trouble putting it in your device. Just click the download button and let the app do the rest.